Rocket League: About MMR-rating and XP-Titles

You can find this post also on the Steam webpage and of course the /r/rocketleague page

It’s been three weeks since we first implemented changes to Ranked Season 1 play, which means that it’s as good a time as any to give you a small update on what we’ve been seeing since.

Here’s the latest news update we’re excited to share. Thanks for the feedback!  — Rocket League

Moving away from our old Preseason Matchmaking Ratings (MMR) to the current Rank Points (RP) System has taught us a lot, to be sure — and we’ve been closely observing what players like and don’t like as we head towards our improvement list for Season 2 (like RP gains in the Platinum Tier, for example).

Some things we’re considering include…

  • What Happens When Players Leave Ranked Matches: One of the most talked-about topics in Season 1, is the way that RP is impacted when a player from the opposing team abandons a Ranked match. As it stands now, players are given less RP for a win when that happens. We have seen players voice their frustration with that system and we agree with them. It was an unintended side effect of how MMR calculations worked in-game and we are fixing it in the upcoming patch. We’ll have more info on that as we get closer to the fix.
  • How we Emphasize XP Titles: Another thing we’ve noticed is that XP Titles can be confusing and players have asked us to look into changing how this works. The titles are in no way supposed to be a representation of a player’s skill, and instead shows a rough estimation of time spent playing matches. In a future patch, we plan on letting players select from any one of their available XP titles or hide them completely, should they so decide.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to bring them up in this thread. Thanks!

You can find this post also on the Steam webpage and of course the /r/rocketleague page


Official Season 1 Update! [Reddit Post Inside]

You may have noticed changes in Ranked mode today and there is more to come! See the full details hereRocket League

As expected Rocket League did some minor changes to the Ranked Servers. As we posted yesterday. The changes should bring back some more stability in the gain/loss momentum in the Ranked Servers. In short, this is what they have to say:

What We Have Changed

  • 1) Starting later this evening, September 15, at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET, we will re-seed players into more accurate Divisions. Once this has happened, you may notice a jump in your RP and shifts out of the first Division of Bronze, Silver, and Gold into “II” or “III” based on your Preseason Matchmaking Rating (MMR)
    • Note: Players will only move up in rank because of the re-seed ; players who already surpassed their Preseason MMR will not move down and, instead, remain at their current standing
  • 2) Preseason MMR and Skill “Uncertainty” have been restored to their previous levels, but with a new minimum Uncertainty so that your MMR doesn’t stagnate
    • This should improve the quality of Ranked matchmaking and remedy some of the issues caused by the initial Season 1 reset (which was creating matches with a wider skill variance than intended).
  • 3) The Rank Points algorithm has re-enabled “Trending” so that, if you’re playing matches above your division, you will gain additional RP with Wins and lose less RP with losses. By default, the RP you gain or lose is based on match difficulty, but this is an additional measure for players whose skill (MMR) has outpaced their rank (RP)

What We’ll Be Watching

  • 1) Matchmaking Quality. We will continue to observe the results of the changes we’ve highlighted above and fine-tune as needed if players experience a skill variance that’s too wide in Ranked games. We definitely don’t want to create match situations in which players only gain or lose 0-1 RP.
  • 2) Rank Points System. We are still tuning and identifying specific situations where it might be more difficult than intended for players to gain RP, and we fully plan on addressing these situations as we encounter them.

Full Reddit post can be found here.