Rocket League: Revenge of the Battle Cars is now up for grabs!

It took some time today, but the Revenge of the Battle Cars is now up for download from the Playstation Store and Steam.

The “Revenge of the Battle-Cars” DLC now available on 4 and . Go grab it! Thanks. — Rocket League

Two iconic cars from the Battle Cars era are making the jump to Rocket League and what a great addition to the existing cars in Rocket League they are. And not only the DLC was something to look forward to because with two new variations on existing maps, we can now almost play in every type of condition.

And if you can’t handle all these new cars, toppers, antenna’s and maps. We have simply one thing to say: Deal with it!

Rocket League: Revenge of the Battle Cars coming October 13!

We were anxiously waiting for a release date for the Revenge of the Battle Cars DLC, and now we have a date!

This just in: we have a date confirmation for Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC — October 13 on 4 and PC! — Rocket League

Less than 2 weeks for some serious grinding. We recommend to take the Gizmo for a spin while you are mastering the tiny car. Won’t be any different as driving the Scarab!

Thanks to: Rocket League Informer & Rocket League

Revenge of the Battle Cars achievements already in Steam!

It has been a quite week for the Rocket League fans. Yes, there was the announcement for the upcoming Revenge of the Battle Cars DLC. But nothing more. That is until now. Because we have news for you!

Thanks to Reddit user ‘Avani3‘ we know the achievements for the upcoming DLC. You can view them here.

Hopefully this is the kick-off on more news on the upcoming DLC and will spark some discussion about the next installment! We can’t wait for next week!