Rocket League voted best free PS+ game!


A well deserved win for the people behind one of the most played Playstation Plus game to date. Not only did they won best Free PS+ game. They also won the price for best Digital Game for this year. With over 10 million players Rocket League is by far one of the most cherished games on the Playstation out there.

With the XBOX One release coming up and a whole new base of players to connect to we are hoping on some fresh DLC news. It’s been a while!

Playstation Network is down (and so is Rocket League)


Well, at least we were save during the holidays! Playstation Network is down and nobody at Sony has any idea how to fix it in a short time. For a while the special Sony Status Page did not even report the downtime on the status page. Sony even denied on their webcare page on Twitter that the servers were down.

For now, there is nothing we can do sadly. No Rocket League, or any other game that needs you to be online all the time. @RocketLeague has direct contact with Sony so if you want the fast and reliable news, follow them or keep an eye out on the Status Page mentioned before.

This is not how we planned to start 2016!

Rocket League 40% off in the January Sale [PS4]


If there is a time to grab Rocket League in the Playstation Store, it would be now. With over 8 million regular players in the community you always have someone to play with. Either with friends or randoms.  Fun is to be made!

Reminder that this is the base game without the DLC connected to it. But give it a try and you will want to buy the DLC’s!

Merry Christmas!

Rocket League: Revenge of the Battle Cars is now up for grabs!

It took some time today, but the Revenge of the Battle Cars is now up for download from the Playstation Store and Steam.

The “Revenge of the Battle-Cars” DLC now available on 4 and . Go grab it! Thanks. — Rocket League

Two iconic cars from the Battle Cars era are making the jump to Rocket League and what a great addition to the existing cars in Rocket League they are. And not only the DLC was something to look forward to because with two new variations on existing maps, we can now almost play in every type of condition.

And if you can’t handle all these new cars, toppers, antenna’s and maps. We have simply one thing to say: Deal with it!