Champions Field: Overdrive Items & More!

The Champions Field Info page just received it’s own special page. Time for an indepth look on the items that are coming with the Overdrive crate!

  1. Glossy Blocks (Rare Paint Finish)

2. Friction Trail (Very Rare)

3. Import Trail (Magic Missle)

4. Exotic Wheels! (Turbine)


5. Black Market (Goal Explosions)

Also new Season 4 Rewards!

  1. Brons

2. Silver

3. Gold

4. Platinum

5. Diamond

6. Champion

Fore more indepth look into the new Champions Field DLC that is coming July 5 feel free to visit the official information page!

Holiday 2016 items dropping soon!


December is going to be a busy month for us Rocket League players. Today we will find out what Rocket League has been working on since the Aquadome update. And that’s not all!

Just like in 2015, Rocket League is handing out some awesome Holiday/Christmas items for us to collect. These items will drop randomly after a game played (Just like Halloween!)

The items will be: Elf Hat Topper, Nutcracker Antenna and and the 2017 Glass Hat Topper (see above). Remember these items will drop for a short period of time. And won’t be collectible after this month!

We will know more tonight, when we had our first preview on the new update and exact dates!

For more: RocketLeagueGame

Limited Halloween items drop next week!


Prepare to go on a collect spree on the 18th of October. New Halloween items and the ones from 2015 will be available to collect for a short period of time.

Rocket League is going all out once again with new boosts, toppers and antenna’s to celebrate Halloween. This year though, they are even scarier than in 2015.

Head over to and read the full rundown on what is to come!

Rumble Update: In Depth – Player Trading


Always wanted to share that special tiara with your teammate? The Rocket League devs have heard your prays and are coming with a special player-trade system!

First what you have to do is invite that person to your party. Otherwise the trading will not work. Another thing to remember is that common and Premium DLC items (DLC that you bought) can not be traded in with another person. The Premium DLC is special and thereby not exchangeable.

As for the XBOX players this feature will not function. Rocket League has asked Microsoft about this but it seems that the function is on hold for now. Will keep you updated about further info!

Rocket League: Having multiple items is intentional?


So after watching the insane match between Crown & Jewels and Flipside Tactics (btw great casting by the casters!) something caught our eye on Twitter.

A Twitter users named ‘Darnia Skye’ tweeted out that he/she was having multiple items of the same kind in her inventory. We ourselves did not came across such thing in our inventory but we were now interested. And it took not long for Rocket League to respond to the tweet themselves.

Would Rocket League be working on something like a workshop? Psyonix have always stated that the performance of the cars would not change, only the cosmetics of the car. So we imagine that IF the items are tradeable, we could buy new antenna’s instead of playing for them. Although we imagine that the items in the shop are more exclusive than the normal ones.

#RLNews: Season 1 rewards!


It’s been a while since Rocket League did a #RLNews but today is a good day! More info about the ending of Season One and what items you will be getting!

If you haven’t ranked up yet to Bronze or higher, we suggest you do it right now. Only then you will be getting the special topper as seen above. The Topper will be in the color of your highest achieved rank. (solo, solo standard, 2v2)

You will receive this items once the next patch in February will arrive. This will automatically mean that season One will end with the patch update.

Item Qualities

Rocket League will also undergo a slight change when it comes to displaying items. Items will now be categorized in common (stock), Premium (paid DLC) and Limited (Special Events). With the new upcoming patch they will also introduce the Uncommon items. These items will be randomly awarded when you complete an online match in Rocket League. Rocket League promises new rare Toppers and Antenna’s for you to unlock.


Rocket League added to the upcoming Uncommon items update a small explanation:

One interesting thing to note is that the new “Uncommon Item’s” drop-rate won’t have a fixed percentage like the seasonal items do. Instead, your chances of getting an “Uncommon Item” increases the longer you play the game. After earning an Uncommon Item, the time then resets and you start all over again in your quest to get another one. This should give players who spend a lot of time playing some sweet new loot to accompany them along the way. — Rocket League

Also, Rocket League will share some new hot info on Friday the 22nd. We assume this will be about Season 2, new DLC and more info about what 2016 will bring us!

Sources: Rocket League Twitter and Rocket League Steam

Hockey Mode and Holiday Items are live!


Ladies and Gents, we’re off! As announced the Snow Day Event is live with the highly anticipated Hockey Mode! You can find the Hockey Mode easily in the Playlist menu as seen here, just select Snow Day:


(Thanks to ItzFabian from Reddit)

Holiday Items

With this update you will have the chance to unlock limited items such as the Halloween Items. The list is as follows:

  • “Xmas” Rocket Trail
  • “Blitzen” Topper
  • “Christmas Tree” Topper
  • “Sad Sapling” Topper
  • “Santa” Topper
  • “Candy Cane” Antenna
  • “Holiday Gift” Antenna

Now have yourself a Merry Rocket League Christmas!

Portal items coming to Rocket League!


YES! items are coming to Rocket League Dec. 1! Thanks to Valve for making it happen! — Rocket League

After the big ‘Winter Games‘ announcement from a couple of days back new info has emerged on new items that are coming to Rocket League.

More and more game developers are picking up on the success of Rocket League and are willing to ‘donate‘ free items to the good cause. Which is obviously Psyonix!

Valve Software is probably the first developer on ever allowing trademarked content to be in Rocket League…for free! Simply play games, win or lose and you will have the items in your inventory. They are not limited like for example the Holiday items that are coming in the Winter Games update.

The following items are unlock-able  starting from December 1st:

  • Cake (Topper)
  • Conversion Gel (Rocket Trail)
  • Propulsion Gel (Rocket Trail)
  • Repulsion Gel (Rocket Trail)
  • Aperture Laboratories (Antenna)
  • Cake Sticker (Antenna)
  • Companion Cube (Antenna)
  • Personality Core (Antenna)
  • PotatOS (Antenna)

It’s going to be a great first December week for any Rocket League fan! Thanks Valve Software!


Winter is coming to Rocket League!


Hockey Mode & Winter Games limited-time items coming Dec. 14, Plus, Chaos Run DLC next week! – Rocket League

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Specially if you are a big Rocket League fan. Winter is coming and so is the Hockey mode! Now called Snow Day this Hockey mode will replace the Mutator menu on the starting screen.

Besides the Hockey Mode a.k.a ‘Snow Day’ there are also some limited items for you to collect. This time with a Winter/Christmas theme. Same as the Halloween items these items are for a short period of time.  Winter and Christmas items are available until January 4. So be sure to collect them all! These are the items you want to collect:

  • “Xmas” Rocket Trail
  • “Blitzen” Topper
  • “Christmas Tree” Topper
  • “Sad Sapling” Topper
  • “Santa” Topper
  • “Candy Cane” Antenna
  • “Holiday Gift” Antenna


We have also a confirmed release date for the Chaos Run DLC that is coming to Rocket League. On December 1st you will have your chance to let your inner Mad Max loose on the new free map called ‘Wasteland.’ What a lovely Day!

Rocket League Patch Notes v1.07!

The 1.07 Patch Update is rolling out for and 4. Patch Notes:  — Rocket League

Psyonix released a new patch for Rocket League which adressed some issues with the ball indicator and will make the unlocking of items such as Halloween more easier. Read full patch list below:

  • Adjusted Rank Point Calculations
  • Ball indicator now properly appears in Beckwith Park (Stormy)
  • Improved Ranked post-game UI stability when attempting to chat

Complete list below..



  • When a player’s Rank Points (RP) are well below average for their hidden matchmaking rating (MMR), bonus RP will be awarded for wins to better “trend” players towards their expected rank.


  • Improved UI functionality in post-game Ranked matches when receiving unlocks or attempting to chat


  • Fixed an issue where the ball indicator would not appear in Beckwith Park (Stormy) when Render Detail was set below High Quality

Source: Steam