[Developing] Connection issues for PS4 players!

We are aware of reports that some of our PS4 users are experiencing difficulty connecting to our servers. We are currently investigating. — Rocket League

It’s not over yet. A busy week for the Rocket League team. PC players are unaffected this time. They should be able to play without any hick-ups. This time the team is actively pursuing the reports on the bad connections.

We’ll keep an eye on things here.

[UPDATE] Rocket League: EU servers behind schedule!

A busy day for the Rocket League team. Patch 1.05 that rolled out today is downloaded by millions of players and is a huge success. Although the time it takes for the servers to be back at full speed is taking more time than expected.

UPDATE: v1.05 server roll-out continues. NA players have more availability, EU still behind schedule. Apologies for the extended delay. — Rocket League

It seems that the NA servers (America side) are beginning to open up again, and players will be entering the new Ranked Season mode. The EU side however is still taking some time. Its now 12:15AM here and no luck getting into a Ranked server. So it seems the EU players have to wait a little bit more. Come back in the morning!

Rocket League prepping the V.105 update? Ranked servers down!

It has been a strange day for Rocket League fans. Specially for those who play in the ‘ranked’ leagues that Rocket League offers. Today the complaints about not getting into ranked servers topped the /r/RocketLeague subreddit. This seems to be affecting people on the PC side of Rocket League!

Although the complaints on Reddit are there. It seems like the Rocket League team on Twitter is unaware about the complaints people have. Either that or they just remain silent on the problem. Let’s hope that in the coming hours things will resolve.

PS: Seems like the upcoming patch is not coming this week, but postponed to next week