Rumble Update: In depth – Crate(s) and Content


Rocket League is going all out with the Rumble update. With a new mode, new maps and new painted items we thought we had it all, boy were we wrong.

Because the update is so huge coming articles are split up in more readable pieces. You will get all the info you need, without reading through 2000 words, how about that! So first up is the new crate feature that is coming.

The crate system will help with the eSport financing of Rocket League. You can switch off the crate function. So if you don’t want anything to do with the feature, there is no harm done (more about this). The crates will drop alongside the normal drops of free content. So don’t worry about switching off and be left out from all the goodies.

Crates can drop randomly, but the keys will have to be bought. You can buy these in bulk (5/10/20) or individually. The prices will be somewhere around 1,49 USD or 5, 10, 20 USD if you buy in bulk.

So what can we buy?

Now we are getting to the most interesting part. With the crates you can unlock special content for your car. Think of decals, wheels and new cars. What? You heard right.

These special ‘Import’ Battle Cars be possibly unlocked. These cars are variants of the Dominus, Takumi, X-Devil and Road Hog (Images can be found here). There is no telling if the Import Battle Cars will be available through regular DLC at given time. But expect an announcement about that when it comes.

But what about Black Market items?

These items will come with no preview and you will have no way of knowing what you will be getting. You can take the risk or buy in safe with the normal crate dropping.

Be on the lookout for our second article about the Rumble update!


Custom Team Names, Colors for Private Matches!


The Rumble update is taking form with the latest addition to the pack. In the future update you will be able to make custom team names and design your own custom crew color.

The name of your team will be displayed on the scoring board and will be displayed when a goal is made! How cool is that!

As mentioned these options are only in private match. So you will not be able to have your own custom team name and color in a regular ranked match.

Other features that are coming in the Rumble update  New Rocket Labs map, New Rumble Mode

Coming in September: Octagon map and new variants


Rocket League sure loves it’s Rocket Labs playlist. A playlist to try out some experimental maps. Almost with every update since the introduction of the Rocket Labs we’ve gotten at least one new map. And with this update it’s no different. Octagon is a new Rocket Labs map headed to the playlist,  but with a 8 sided wall. That’s going to make things interesting!

Octagon isn’t the only map added to Rocket League in this update. New variants of Urban Central (Dawn) and the DFH Stadium (Stormy) maps are coming as well. These will be available in the ranked and unranked playlist for you to play.

For more: Rocket League Website

Rocket League announces Rumble Mode!


Rocket League just revealed their new update coming in September called Rumble Mode. By the looks of things the update will focus on the laid back and fun side of Rocket League. An update very similar to the Hoops update that dropped earlier this year.

With so called new power-ups the whole mechanic of a normal Rocket League game will be changed forever. Just like Rocket Labs and Hoops mode this mode will be a playlist of it’s own. So you won’t find this in a Ranked match.

For a full rundown on what’s to come visit the official Rocket League website, and if you have not seen the new trailer. Check the video below!