Haunted Hallows Event coming to Rocket League!

Our first Rocket League Halloween themed event is about to go down!

For the first time Rocket League will work with limited currency items. These items are called Candy Corn and can be redeemed for decryptors, crates and other items. So there is indeed something to play for this coming weeks! Reminder that items you decryped during this event will remain in your inventory forever!

These decryptors will not cost money and you will not have to buy them! But a reminder that items unlocked with the decryptor are not tradeable!

The Haunted Hallows Event will kick off October 16 5PM EDT and will last to the beginning of November!

[UPD] Halloween items drop activity and end date.


Rocket League is aware of the limited drop rate that seems to be on Halloween items. Here’s how they are going to make it an Halloween to never forget!

They responded on the /r/Rocketleague subreddit with the following statement:

After looking at community feedback over the last few days, we decided that our Halloween items weren’t dropping as often as we would like. A server-side update was pushed out a few hours ago to address this, so you should see an increase in Halloween item drops for the duration of their availability.

Speaking of availability, we are extending the Halloween item drop period from November 1 to November 4, which should help many of you complete your Halloween item sets!

Drop your relevant questions in the comments, and Happy Halloween!


Limited Halloween items drop next week!


Prepare to go on a collect spree on the 18th of October. New Halloween items and the ones from 2015 will be available to collect for a short period of time.

Rocket League is going all out once again with new boosts, toppers and antenna’s to celebrate Halloween. This year though, they are even scarier than in 2015.

Head over to RocketLeagueGame.com and read the full rundown on what is to come!

Rocket League Patch Notes v1.07!

The 1.07 Patch Update is rolling out for and 4. Patch Notes:  — Rocket League

Psyonix released a new patch for Rocket League which adressed some issues with the ball indicator and will make the unlocking of items such as Halloween more easier. Read full patch list below:

  • Adjusted Rank Point Calculations
  • Ball indicator now properly appears in Beckwith Park (Stormy)
  • Improved Ranked post-game UI stability when attempting to chat

Complete list below..



  • When a player’s Rank Points (RP) are well below average for their hidden matchmaking rating (MMR), bonus RP will be awarded for wins to better “trend” players towards their expected rank.


  • Improved UI functionality in post-game Ranked matches when receiving unlocks or attempting to chat


  • Fixed an issue where the ball indicator would not appear in Beckwith Park (Stormy) when Render Detail was set below High Quality

Source: Steam

Halloween items now available until November 2.

Halloween is coming and we are celebrating with FREE limited-time items! Six treats are available now until Nov. 2. — Rocket League

It’s time to grind those special Halloween items we talked about in a previous post. You now have the chance to be completely unique with special items from the Halloween harvest from Rocket League. These are the six items you can obtain until November 2.

  • “Calavera” Antenna
  • “Candy Corn” Rocket Trail
  • “Carriage” Wheels
  • “Fuzzy Brute” Antenna
  • “Fuzzy Vampire” Antenna
  • “Pumpkin” Topper

Source: Rocket League Informer and the Rocket League Twitter

Free Halloween items coming to Rocket League

Looks like Rocket League is doing the trick or treat thing! For a limited time only there will be exclusive Toppers, Wheels, Rocket Trails and Antenna’s for you to obtain in the game. How to get it? Simply by playing! But (there is always a but) there is a catch:

Available as post-match item drops, each Halloween item can be unlocked simply by playing matches like you normally would (Win or lose!). Once you’ve found an item, it’s yours to keep forever, but if you don’t find the ones you want by November 2nd, you’ll have to wait until next year for a shot at them again. — Playstation Blog

So what special items are there for you to obtain, well:

  • “Calavera” Antenna
  • “Candy Corn” Rocket Trail
  • “Carriage” Wheels
  • “Fuzzy Brute” Antenna
  • “Fuzzy Vampire” Antenna
  • “Pumpkin” Topper

6 items. So for anyone who wants to stand out. Obtain them all and you will be worshiped forever!