Transfer news: Swarm Gaming and Team Shazoo!

Rocket League is just like soccer. Players come, players go. And in this kind of eSport game it’s no different. Earlier we reported on the split between Kyle and Kings of Urban, today we report on yet another team switch. Or should we say: switches!

Posted on the /r/RocketLeague subreddit (where all the action takes place) and the Rocket League community is up in arms. Gambit from Kings or Urban left the KOU squad and joined Swarm Gaming. Which resulted in the departure of Stocki1997 who joined Team Shazoo.

ANNOUNCEMENT TIME: We are proud to announce that we will be adding Stocki1997 to our roster! 1/2 — Rocket League

Could this be the end of Kings of Urban? Can Fireburner and Jacob find a new third? Let’s hope so! Speculation rises on the future of both teams. And even Flipside Tactics isn’t safe from speculation.


Kings of Urban and Kyle split ways

Being a so called ‘Rocket League Informer’ isn’t just hunting down official news and content from the Rocket League team. It also means knowing what is going on in the community. And, how small this may seem, we have some breaking news for you.

Kings of Urban, a team that gained huge attention in the Rocket League community due to their solid defending and team play is parting ways with one of the best defensive players Rocket League has: Kyle.┬áParting ways with a team mate that has brought so much attention and popularity to the game and crew is hard. But when it’s not your decision, it’s even harder. But on the bright side: Kyle won’t have a problem with people wanting to team up with him.

We are sure we will be hearing from Kyle again very soon. If it’s now with a existing team, it will be with his own. Keep an eye out for him!