#Aquadome Patch notes are here! (V1.24)


Rocket League has dropped the patch notes for the upcoming Aquadome update. New in this patch are the 2 DLC cars, Series III crate and achievements!

For a full rundown on the patchnotes take a look at the RocketLeagueGame.com website. With the V1.24 patchnote there are also more unnoticeable changes,  for a full rundown please see the official website. Here’s the short rundown.



  • “Champions Crate III” series can now be found rarely after online matches.
    • The new Crate features all-new items including the “Breakout Type-S” Import Body.
  • The “Road Hog” and “Hotshot” Battle-Cars have received a visual upgrade.
    • Hotshot’s handling and hitbox have been standardized against similar cars (Dominus, Breakout).
    • Road Hog is unchanged aside from the visual updates.
  • Rumble Mode has received a few balance adjustments to the Spike power-up.
    • The Plunger and Haymaker power-ups can now affect a ball attached to a player by spikes. They do not detach the ball from the player, but can disrupt the ball’s trajectory and take the player with it.
    • Players using the Spike power-up with an attached ball are now slightly less agile than before.


  • The “Cosmic” arena in the “Rocket Labs” playlist has been updated.
    • Goals have increased in size to be consistent with other arenas.
    • Walls are now standard (vertically straight) instead of angled.
    • The bottom wall curves touching the floor are now standardized with other maps.
    • The top wall curves touching the ceiling are now standardized with other maps.
    • Ceiling height has been reduced.
  • The “Octagon” arena in the “Rocket Labs” playlist has been updated.
    • The “corners” between wall sections are now smoother to make it easier to push the ball around the wall curves.
    • The bottom wall curves touching the floor near the goals have been adjusted to better match standard map layouts.



  • Fixed an issue in Rumble mode with the Magnetizer and Spike power-ups that caused statistics for Ball Touches to be artificially increased.
  • Fixed an issue in Rumble mode that caused goals to be incorrectly credited after a player touched the ball with the Magnetizer or Spike power-ups.

Get your dunk face on! Hoops mode released!


The long awaited Dunk mode has finally come to Rocket League. A new dimension to the game in a totally new arena for us to play in. What more do we want?

Of course new Toppers and Antenna’s have been added to the game. But did you know that the Rocket Labs playlist has a new map added? Cosmic will be joining the ranks and sure looks like fun! The update is available as of now. So if you are reading this, download it!

Here’s a quick round up on things that have been added. For a full summary check RocketLeagueGame.com

  • The “Hoops” 2v2 mode has been added as an unranked playlist, and is also available in Private Matches and Exhibition mode at any team size.
  • Exhibition and Private Match now have a “Game Mode” selector.  The mode you select determines which maps you can choose – for instance, “Hoops” can only be played on the “Dunk House” map.
  • During Overtime, the in-game UI clock now counts upwards to indicate how long the overtime has lasted
  • New “Cosmic” Arena has been added to the “Rocket Labs” playlist
  • After scoring in Free Play, there will no longer be a 3/2/1 countdown.

Keep in mind that the NBA flags pack will be available later today. So if you’re missing the NBA flags. Don’t worry. That’s coming!



Rocket League Patch Notes V1.11


For a full overview for the V1.11 patchnotes. Please visit rocketleague.psyonix.com

In short these are the headlines for this update:


  • Ranked play Season 1 has ended and rewards will be given to all ranked participants bronze or above
  • Ranked Season 2 play has begun (renamed to “Competitive Season 2″)
  • The “Rocket Labs” experimental playlist is now available for casual Online play
  • New Item Rarity system introduced, “Common” and “Uncommon” items can now be found after Online matches
  • “Wasteland” arena has been added to Competitive Playlists
  • “Snow Day” can now be played in Private Matches
  • Performance has been improved in multiple Arenas
  • (BETA) Player Reporting feature has been added
  • “Quick Chat Only” filter has been added to Text Chat options
  • Russian and Turkish language support has been added
  • Multiple outstanding bugs have been fixed

Changes that have effect on Competitve Online/Online

  • “Ranked” Playlist has been renamed “Competitive” Playlist
    • Season 1 has ended! Limited Edition Crowns have been distributed to all participants in Season 1 Ranked Play based on your highest division across all Ranked playlist when Season 1 ends.
    • Competitive Skill Divisions have replaced Rank Points and the Season 1 Ranking System. There are twelve skill divisions. Over time you can be promoted or demoted between divisions based on your performance.
    • Top 100 Leaderboards are now based on your skill rating, similar to the Preseason.
    • Placement matches have been implemented. For each ranked queue, you play ten placement games and are then sorted into a skill division based on your performance.
  • Ranked Reconnect has been added to the game. Players who lose connection during a competitive rocket league match will now be given the option to reconnect to their previous game.
  • “Rocket Labs” experimental playlist is now available for casual Online play
    • A new rotating casual playlist called “Rocket Labs” is now available! Labs features prototype layouts that use temporary art assets. This allows us to release and gather feedback on new designs much more rapidly than we could otherwise.
    • Three Lab Maps are now available in the “Rocket Labs” playlist and Private Matches:
      • Underpass
      • Utopia Retro
      • Double Goal
  • New “Uncommon” Item Drops will now be found uncommonly after online matches. This “Uncommon” item quality features all-new Hats and Antennas for you to discover and equip!
    • Unlike previous seasonal rare drops, these new items don’t have a fixed drop chance after each match. Your chances to find an item after a game will increase for every minute you play until you find something, and then your chance will reset.
    • Uncommon unlocks are only only awarded after a complete game in online playlists (They are not available for unlock offline modes or in Private matches)
    • Multiple copies of the same “Uncommon” item can be collected, illustrated with a count number in the Garage UI
    • There is a maximum of ten hours of playtime per week that can earn items, so don’t bother trying to idle your way to a full inventory!
  • (BETA) Player Reporting option has been added and can be accessed via the mid-game menu. You can report players who are being offensive and the full chat log of the match will be submitted along with your report for administrative review.
  • “Wasteland” arena has been added to the arena rotation for Competitive Playlists

Patch 1.06 is rolling out right now! Revenge DLC comes later today!

Heads up: The 1.06 Patch Update is starting to roll out now. The Revenge DLC is coming later today — Rocket League

The patchnotes are already up. So here’s a small summary of what the 1.06 patch contains:


  • Added “Revenge of the Battle-Cars” DLC Pack, including…
    • (DLC) Exclusive “Scarab” and “Zippy” Battle-Cars
    • (DLC) Six Decals for each new vehicle
    • (DLC) Three new Paint Types: “Toon Glossy, Toon Matte,” and “Toon Wood”
    • (DLC) Two new Wheels: “Scarab” and “Zippy”
    • (DLC) Two new Rocket Boosts: “Accelerato” and “Battle-Stars”
    • (DLC) Four new Toppers: “Cavalier, Locomotive, Pixelated Shades,” and “Shark Fin”
    • (DLC) Two new Antenna Toppers: “Retro Ball – Urban” and “Retro Ball – Utopia”
  • Added “Urban Central (Night)” and “Utopia Coliseum (Dusk)” Arenas
  • Added five new Community Flags and three new Video Game Antennas

Full patchnotes can be found here!