.@RocketLeague Update 1.34 – New Neo Tokyo is now live!


The latest update for Rocket League is now available on all platforms! See you on the pitch!

Patch notes: https://rocketleagueinformer.wordpress.com/2017/05/10/here-are-the-v1-34-patch-notes/

About the ‘new’ Neo Tokyo map!


For those wondering if the ‘new’ Neo Tokyo map will have the same dimensions as the other standard maps.

The answer is: Yes!

Changes coming with Season 4


A shorter Season 4 is one of the things Rocket League is focusing on. But there is more!

Season 3 will end when the new ‘Dropshot‘ update that is coming on March 22. But there are more changes coming. To spare you the story. In short here’s what changing:

  • New Skill Tiers (image can be seen here)
  • No more Division V’s (IV will be the highest rank before you move on)
  • Soft Skill reset incoming (so you might start on a division lower/higher in S4 in opposite to you latest highest achieved rank in S4)
  • Shorter S4 (that’s what they are aiming for)
  • Adjustments to matchmaking (making it more fair)
  • RIP Neo Tokyo from competitive and casual play
  • Tweaks to the like/dislike system for Arena’s in Rocket League.

Full rundown can be found here: RocketLeagueGame.com

The #NeoTokyo update is out now!


FYI: The cars that are hidden in this update are going to be unlocked on July 18 (Esper, Masamune, Marauder, Aftershock)

4 features that are coming in this update are the new Quick Chat Options, Ingame spotlights, new Rocket Labs map called Pillars and last but not least: The Trade-in system with the themed map called Neo Tokyo.

Full patchnotes (including the locked content) can be found here

NeoTokyo update coming June 20!


The last couple of weeks, the account of Rocket League have been teasing all kinds of interesting features that is coming to Rocket League in June. Now we have a date AND more info!

The NEOTokyo map is in essence a re-styled Underpass map (the one in the Rocket Labs playlist) with some new slick touched to the stadium. But the re-designed map isnt the only thing that is coming. With the introduction of the NEOTokyo map, 2 new Battle-Cars will make their way into the game:

two Neo Tokyo-inspired premium cars — Esper and Masamune — bring their distinctive anime style to Rocket League®’s ever-growing collection of playable vehicles! – Rocket League Youtube

Those who buy the physical Collectors-Edition will get to play with these new cars before the PS+ gamers ( Steam, One included). And there is a trailer too!