Official Season 1 Update! [Reddit Post Inside]

You may have noticed changes in Ranked mode today and there is more to come! See the full details hereRocket League

As expected Rocket League did some minor changes to the Ranked Servers. As we posted yesterday. The changes should bring back some more stability in the gain/loss momentum in the Ranked Servers. In short, this is what they have to say:

What We Have Changed

  • 1) Starting later this evening, September 15, at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET, we will re-seed players into more accurate Divisions. Once this has happened, you may notice a jump in your RP and shifts out of the first Division of Bronze, Silver, and Gold into “II” or “III” based on your Preseason Matchmaking Rating (MMR)
    • Note: Players will only move up in rank because of the re-seed ; players who already surpassed their Preseason MMR will not move down and, instead, remain at their current standing
  • 2) Preseason MMR and Skill “Uncertainty” have been restored to their previous levels, but with a new minimum Uncertainty so that your MMR doesn’t stagnate
    • This should improve the quality of Ranked matchmaking and remedy some of the issues caused by the initial Season 1 reset (which was creating matches with a wider skill variance than intended).
  • 3) The Rank Points algorithm has re-enabled “Trending” so that, if you’re playing matches above your division, you will gain additional RP with Wins and lose less RP with losses. By default, the RP you gain or lose is based on match difficulty, but this is an additional measure for players whose skill (MMR) has outpaced their rank (RP)

What We’ll Be Watching

  • 1) Matchmaking Quality. We will continue to observe the results of the changes we’ve highlighted above and fine-tune as needed if players experience a skill variance that’s too wide in Ranked games. We definitely don’t want to create match situations in which players only gain or lose 0-1 RP.
  • 2) Rank Points System. We are still tuning and identifying specific situations where it might be more difficult than intended for players to gain RP, and we fully plan on addressing these situations as we encounter them.

Full Reddit post can be found here.


Ranked Season patch underway!

With Patch 1.05 and the Ranked Season coming out, a lot of players were not satisfied with the gaining/loss ratio in the season. Even Rocket League themselves were aware that things didn’t work out as they wanted too. So, the adjustments are being made as we speak:

ASAP. We’ve already begun testing to make sure the server-side changes work. We’ll update everyone when we have specifics — Rocket League

Officially they wanted to make changes when Season 2 was about to begin, but seeing the problems the community has right now, they are really trying to implement changes to the ranking system right now. Much appreciated!

Stay tuned!

[REPOST] Rocket League’s answer: How does Ranked Season work?

This is a repost from the Psyonix post on Reddit on the questions that the community has regarding the new ranked season. You can find it here: *OFFICAL* Ranked Season Play

Now that we’re a few days into Season 1 and we’ve had the chance to watch its performance in the real-world more closely, it’s a great time to make this post so that you all have a better idea of how the system “officially” works and for us to let you know what we think we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong. This is a possible TLDR, so get ready!

How Preseason Worked and Didn’t Work

Our goal for Season 1’s ranking system was to eliminate the common problems we saw with Preseason. We used raw skill ranking (MMR) in Preseason to determine your division and leaderboard standings:

  • 1) Our skill system is similar to other modern games and tracks a “Skill” and “Uncertainty” for each player.
  • 2) Your skill value goes up or down based on wins, losses, and match difficulty
  • 3) Over time, your uncertainty decreases as the system becomes more confident about your skill

This worked great for matchmaking, but it performed poorly for seasonal player ranking because it becomes harder and harder for you to change your skill over time (and the leaderboards become stagnant)

How Season 1 Works Differently   For Season, we are continuing the approach of taking methods used by other popular competitive games by introducing a “Points” system that sits on top of a “hidden” Skill Rating/ MMR, from which the points get its influence. At a high level, this smooths away the Preseason problems as “Rank Points” (RP) follow a few key rules:

  • 1) You gain or lose points that are proportional to the difficulty of the match you played (based on MMR, not RP)
  • 2) Your RP should “trend” towards your MMR. So, if for example, you’re “Bronze III” by RP but your MMR is matching you against “Silver II” players, you should gain extra RP via wins and lose less RP with losses until you end up near the “Silver II” division
  • 3) RP is actually not involved in matchmaking at all, it is still controlled entirely by your hidden MMR

What We’ve Learned From the Real World   Based on your feedback and our own experiences in Season 1, it has become obvious that our system wasn’t quite working the way we intended. But why?

Problem 1: When we reset the Preseason standings, we reset everyone’s MMR “uncertainty” to allow player skills to move around more freely with the new season. It turns out this was a mistake because it made matchmaking less accurate AND it caused problems with the RP algorithm that was supposed to “trend” you towards your MMR. Those two issues combined created a climate where players see small gains but significant losses when they shouldn’t have

Problem 2: We didn’t seed Ranked divisions as well as we wanted to. Specifically, anyone from 0-499 MMR was placed into Bronze I, 500-999 MMR in Silver I, and 1000+ into Gold I. This is particularly troublesome for players in the Bronze rank, where a 100 MMR player and a 499 MMR player are vastly different but started with the same RP.

What We’re Doing to Address Real World Problems   A couple of things, actually:

  • 1) We plan on implementing placement matches in the near future (most likely in Season 2)
  • 2) We are restoring your hidden MMR Skills and Uncertainties to Preseason values, but with a minimum uncertainty (your skill never completely stagnates). This will improve matchmaking quality AND fix problems with your RP incorrectly “trending” towards your MMR. In other words, you’ll see fewer small RP gains and fewer large RP losses (We are doing this very SOON).
  • 3) We are actively investigating re-seeding players into more accurate divisions. A 499 Preseason MMR player could instead be placed into Bronze III instead of Bronze I, for example. We will also be careful not to reduce anyone’s RP who has already climbed past where they would have been re-seeded (We are also doing this SOON).

Parting Words

We will be keeping an eye on system behavior and player feedback with our immediate and larger-scale reworks prior to- and for Season 2.After all, our primary goal is to ensure that Ranked play is both competitive AND fun, so that’s what we’re going to work towards accomplishing.

Thanks to all of you for helping us find our way there. We’re definitely in this together!

Patch 1.05 – How does the new point system work?

Its the day after Patch 1.05 came out. The day after Rocket League had some issues with bringing back the servers online. Now that the storm is over and everyone actually can play the game again in the ranked regions. Some players have their questions about the new ranked system.

Not only on Twitter people ask other on what the new ranked season is about regarding points. You see it also on /r/RocketLeague and the official Psyonix forums, where a lot of key players from the community are gathered.


Let’s hope Rocket League goes into more detail about the points. So everyone knows what to expect when they win or lose.

Patch 1.05 out!

HEADS UP: Update v1.05 is rolling out NOW (11am PT). This process could take up to two hours — Rocket League

It’s finally here. The update we’ve waited on for a week since the announcement. While the update is rolled out, servers could get some kind of laggy. So bear with us.

People who are trying to get into Rocket League, but instantly getting kicked out. Try this method:

For those of you being kicked when immediately starting the game, it’s because the patch is still rolling out. Should be done by 1pm PT — Rocket League

A quick roundup on what Rocket League has put in update 1.05:

  • Ranked Season 1 Officially begins
  • Added multiple Ranked Season Divisions with post-Season Division placement rewards
  • Added “Ranked Solo Standard” back to the Online match queue
  • Made multiple improvements and adjustments to the Utopia Coliseum arena
  • PC players can now filter PlayStation 4 players out of matchmaking search
  • Added Music Player interface to all menu screens
  • Added “Featured Video” to in-game blog roll
  • Added multiple “Spectate” mode improvements
  • Added 12 new Community Flags, 2 new Chivalry Flags, and 20+ new Country Flags
  • Repaired sound-related crash scenario that caused the game to crash on the loading screen after multiple matches

Full patchnotes can be found here: Rocket League Patchnotes

Rocket League prepping the V.105 update? Ranked servers down!

It has been a strange day for Rocket League fans. Specially for those who play in the ‘ranked’ leagues that Rocket League offers. Today the complaints about not getting into ranked servers topped the /r/RocketLeague subreddit. This seems to be affecting people on the PC side of Rocket League!

Although the complaints on Reddit are there. It seems like the Rocket League team on Twitter is unaware about the complaints people have. Either that or they just remain silent on the problem. Let’s hope that in the coming hours things will resolve.

PS: Seems like the upcoming patch is not coming this week, but postponed to next week

[Developing II] Pre-Season Leaderboards remain inaccurate!

Yesterday we brought the news that there were some problems with the leaderboards. Tonight Rocket League came forward with news about what was going on. Specially about the leaderboards everyone was talking about:

NOTICE (Pt.1): We have begun the process of prepping the servers for “Ranked Season 1” that launches with next week’s 1.05 patch (cont…) — Rocket League

So one thing we know is that patch 1.05 will be launching next week. Of course there is still the problem with the ranked leaderboards:

NOTICE (Pt.2): Pre-Season Stats Leaderboards are now inaccurate as a byproduct of prep; Rank placement is unaffected (cont…) — Rocket League

Just one week. We’ll live!