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Kings of Urban and Kyle split ways

Being a so called ‘Rocket League Informer’ isn’t just hunting down official news and content from the Rocket League team. It also means knowing what is going on in the community. And, how small this may seem, we have some breaking news for you.

Kings of Urban, a team that gained huge attention in the Rocket League community due to their solid defending and team play is parting ways with one of the best defensive players Rocket League has: Kyle. Parting ways with a team mate that has brought so much attention and popularity to the game and crew is hard. But when it’s not your decision, it’s even harder. But on the bright side: Kyle won’t have a problem with people wanting to team up with him.

We are sure we will be hearing from Kyle again very soon. If it’s now with a existing team, it will be with his own. Keep an eye out for him!

Rocket League: Who is Who?

Rocket League_001

The Rocket League community is building up nicely. Teams are setting up Twitter accounts, we have the dozens of Rocket League video creators on Youtube, the official Rocket League forums from Psyonix and of course there is the center of it all: /r/RocketLeague ,where all the video’s, gifs and latest news is shared with each other.

Since we inform you guys on everything that is happening in the scene right now. We felt obliged to share the latest with you. Respected member Cloudfuel made a topic over at Reddit where he shared his latest project:

As the game/scene/community continues to grow, more and more events are popping up seemingly every day. As someone who helps organize a variety of these, it makes it easier when the contact information is all in one easy to find location. — Cloudfuel on Reddit

A simple form where you can leave you details in (such as PSN/Steam ID or Youtube page!) so other players, sponsors can find you quickly instead of searching hours and hours on Twitter or Reddit. Not to mention it will also make tournaments a lot easier when they have an PSN/STEAM ID to match your name to. It will also help bringing the tight knight community like Rocket League is, closer together. So get going, and start filling in!

Source: Rocket League – Who is Who thanks to Cloudfuel.