Watch @RLCS this weekend and get in-game items!

It’s going to be a weekend to remember. Rocket League is teaming up with Twitch and will be dropping very limited items!

And all you have to do is watch the RLCS over at and link your PSN, XBOX or Steam account to Twitch over at this page:

Most important about this, is that there is no guarantee that you will get a drop. But the chances you’ll be getting one will only be higher if you continue to watch the stream during the weekend.  There will be multiple drops this weekend. Starting this Friday. So link your accounts and watch the magic unfold! DO LOG IN on Twitch when the RLCS is playing!

And be sure to follow @RLCS and @RocketLeague on Twitter for the announcement for the Anniversary DLC that will be unveiled this weekend. It’s going to blow your minds away. And yes, that’s a fact.

Edit: About the ingame items that will drop: Along wheels, Toppers and a rare boost,  rare RLCS decals for your Dominus, Breakout and Octane will also drop. So if you want to stand out ingame. Here’s your chance!


RL Roster Mania #2 – LFT Tweets


Our previous LFT item was just a couple of days ago. Now, at the start of the registration for the second RLCS season we’re publishing our final LFT-item.

On this page you will find either teams or players that are looking to find other Rocket League players to complete a team for the RLCS

.@NG_Paschy90 joins Northern Gaming!




After the departure of @gReazyMeister who went and joined Flipside, Northern Gaming was a man down. But as of today they are a full man team again.

After Paschy decided not to continue with Sikii, and his short flirt with Pizzahut and even Gambit things got real interesting when he was subbing in for Northern Gaming. The Canadian eSports organisation did well on the last RLCS, so this could have helped Paschy making his decision on what team to go for. And now we know.

Back for RLCS Season 2 and ready to kick some ass!


RL Roster Mania – LFT Tweets



Season 2 of the RLCS is about to begin. This is the time that free players are looking for a team to hook up with. Here you will find a small selection of players who are looking for a team(mate).

If you also want to be featured on the next Roster Mania. Be sure to tweet the @RocketLeagueNL account

Quin Lobdell steps down as player/sub for Genesis


The new RLCS Season 2 has just been announced. And that means roster changes. And I mean alot of roster changes. We’ve seen it with The Flying Dutchmen and with Flipside. And now Genesis joins the club.

We all know team Genesis. The team that made the impossible possible in the first season of the RLCS by completing a reverse sweep againt Mockit-EU. An insane match that had it all.

One of the main contributors who made that sweep possible is stepping down as a player and as sub: Quin Lobdell. Pluto and Espeon will have to find another third man to complete their line up for the upcoming season of RLCS. But what those guys have pulled off in last year’s RLCS, that won’t be a problem.


The Flying Dutch disbands!?


We are honest if we said that this was something that we did not see coming. One of the surprises of the RLCS is no more.

In Vogan his own words:

When the pressure and our playstyle was just right, we could compete with the best, with us peaking in the RLCS group stage 2 with that very close match against Supersonic Avengers.

At the LAN however, we were swept aside by both IBP and F3. The top 4 finish was satisfying, especially with how much everyone talked us down before the event, but the event showed to us we were not particularly close to the actual top tier.

With that in mind, we tried changing some things up after the LAN, but we all came to the realization that it was no longer going to work as well as before.

We can only say thanks to Vogan, Jessie and Dogu for showing what it means to be a Flying Dutch. It certainly gave the Dutch Rocket League scene a little boost so who knows. Maybe there will be another squad of Flying Dutchmen eager to bring it to the top teams.

Thanks, and goodnight!

Flipside gets new third player, Northern man down


Now with M1k3Rules on personal leave. Flipside was a man down. But not for long because gReazy just announced on his Twitter account that he will be leaving Northern Gaming for Flipside Tactics.

Is he the right man to replace Mike? Some people say he is the only right replacement. While others have said that there are more suitable players out there. But only time will tell.

Meanwhile Northern Gaming will also be hosting tryouts to try their new third player. Do we have ideas on players we see fit to play for Northern?