.@RocketLeague’s Anniversary DLC: Champions Field


Rocket League’s delivers it’s 2nd Anniversary DLC called Champions Field, bringing new music, new Battle-Cars and a new crate to the game.

The new DLC will also mean the end for Season 4 and new rewards. Last time we had wheels to show off our highest rank. This time Rocket League is doing it different with new ‘Trials’ you will receive. It will look like this:

That white-purple-blue Trail you see behind your Battle-Car now can be replaced with your Season Reward Trail, or with other custom trails we will be rolling out in future updates and Crates. – Rocket League

Also in this DLC are the new Battle-Cars which you can obtain from the new Overdrive crates. Meet Animus and Centio! Remember, these Overdrive crates will drop randomly after ranked matches. Hopefully they will drop more frequent than the Twitch Fan Awards!

Stay tuned for more info this coming weeks when we get closer to the release date.

Starbase Arc coming December 7!


Rocket League’s new update will drop this coming Wednesday. Expect a new Battle-Car, a new Import car and Arena preferences. And that’s not all!

There will also be  color blind support in the upcoming update. To make it extra clear what team you are on, and give the player names some extra contrast.


By giving it a like or a dislike you can increase or decrease the chances of that arena to appear on your list. A neat feature that was requested a lot!

Some old Battle-Cars will receive a fresh paint and redesign (Gizmo and X-Devil), so try these out on Wednesday! Also, the Vulcan Battle Car will be coming in this update. Expect it to be somewhere around 1,99 USD or local equivalent!


And, to end on a high note, of course there is a new crate coming in this update. Crate IV will come with the highly requested Octane ZSR bodykit. A must have for pro players. Or players who really care about their looks ingame!

As mentioned in previous articles. Custom Playlist and Workshop Support will also be in this update. For more detailed info visit the Starbase page on Rocket League!

April Update Preview – ‘Hoops’ and more!


The new Rocket League patch update that will come to PS4, XBOX One and Steam users will not only bring the 2vs2 Rocket League ‘Hoop’ mode to the casual playlist, more changes will be added with this update. Here’s a quick rundown!

Replay Quick Saving and Replay Naming!

Rocket League is listening once again (or have always) to their community and will bring two highly anticipated changes for saving and replay renaming to the game. Specially the Replay Quick Saving will be a feature that will be cherished by many!

Ball behavior changes

And not just on the Wasteland map. The devs noticed (thanks to the community) some add psychics ball behavior on various Rocket League maps in the game. In the late April patch they will address these issues. So no more odd balling!

Rocket Labs – Cosmic

Cosmic will join the three existing maps in the Rocket Labs playlist. For SARPBC veterans this will mean a trip down memory lane! How about that!

Source: Rocket League