[Developing] Rocket League servers are down!


Seems to be a worldwide issue. Players in Japan, Netherlands, Spain, UK and US are reporting downtime. We’ll stay on the case.

Accounts to follow: RocketLeague, RocketLeagueNL, Psyonix

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Are the Rocket League servers down (again)? Yes!


Having trouble getting into a Rocket League match tonight?  You are not the only one! Seems like there are some issues with the servers, Rocket League devs did not confirm if it was a complete outage or just a regional one. But it’s confirmed that there are problems.

Will keep you updated about the status.

UPD: 01:13

All seems fine, if not feel free to tweet me.

Playstation Network is down (and so is Rocket League)


Well, at least we were save during the holidays! Playstation Network is down and nobody at Sony has any idea how to fix it in a short time. For a while the special Sony Status Page did not even report the downtime on the status page. Sony even denied on their webcare page on Twitter that the servers were down.

For now, there is nothing we can do sadly. No Rocket League, or any other game that needs you to be online all the time. @RocketLeague has direct contact with Sony so if you want the fast and reliable news, follow them or keep an eye out on the Status Page mentioned before.

This is not how we planned to start 2016!

South America servers are back up!



It has been a rough couple of days for Rocket League players on the South America servers. Almost 4 days players we’re not able to play on those servers. Forced to play on other servers but did not do so well. Luckily the problems seems to have resolved themselves with a little TLC.

Rocket League on!

Where are the South American servers?


A developing situation for any Rocket League player on the South America servers. They are not online, not even after last night when the problems were starting. Players are reporting downtime on Twitter and on the /r/RocketLeague subreddit. We are waiting for a response from Rocket League. Until then, keep an eye out on Twitter and the /r/RocketLeague subreddit.