You can now pre order Rocket League on the XBOX One!


Set for a 17 February release date. XBOX One can now pre order the game for $19.99 or the regional equivalent (US Store).

We cannot wait what kind of teams will rise from the XBOX One. We expect a lot!


Sunset Overdrive items exl. on XBOX One!


We all know it’s coming and slowly more news about what the XBOX One version of Rocket League will include is coming out. Like today when Insomniac Games announced that items from the Sunset Overdrive game will be in the XBOX One version of Rocket League:

I’m among the millions of people out there who fell in love with Rocket League last year. It’s a game that is easy to grasp, but takes real skill to master. I am no master, but I’m still giddy over the course of an entire match. It’s that kind of big, high-action fun that I relish to counter (and complement!) hours spent in other realistic, gritty, or cerebral gaming experiences. Rocket League is a game high on action and reliant on reflex. It’s all about near-misses and sudden opportunities. In short, Rocket League would naturally fit with the world of Sunset Overdrive — Insomniac Games

It will not be the last studio that will be working with the people from Rocket League to bring small items to the game. If the excitement we have had on the PS4 and PC will be the same on the One you can expect a new #1 hit.

With the new cars that are coming to the One and now with the first announcement from both Insomniac and Psyonix. The official sign has been given.

Stay tuned for more info about the XBOX One version. And of course any other Rocket League news!

Source: Rocket League

Rocket League is coming to XBOX One!


Yes, we saw it coming yesterday when we were asking ourselves what major announcement Rocket League would have in store for us today. And here it is!

The game will be coming to XBOX One in February with 2(!) special cars from Gears of War and Halo, yes two XBOX Games, as seen in the image above.  The image from is a still from a specially made trailer by the company which will be included here under.


The XBOX One version of Rocket League will not be free, like the PS4 version. You will be able to buy the XBOX One version for $19.99 or the regional equivalent. The past three DLC’s + The Back to the Future Pack will be yours to buy from day 1.

Cross-platform will however not be supported on the XBOX One. More info: Gameinformer




Rocket League ‘World Premier’ announcement?


So something big is going down later tonight at the Game Awards 2015. But has the potential ‘world premier’ already been leaked on the Internet? A couple of days ago somebody posted this on Twitter:

Although talks about going to other platforms with Rocket League are months old. It has to be said that Psyonix could also be thé upcoming game on the One as it is on the PS4 and PC. With a whole new userbase and potential eSports teams. It’s a move everybody expect.

Source: Gamespot