NeoTokyo update coming June 20!


The last couple of weeks, the account of Rocket League have been teasing all kinds of interesting features that is coming to Rocket League in June. Now we have a date AND more info!

The NEOTokyo map is in essence a re-styled Underpass map (the one in the Rocket Labs playlist) with some new slick touched to the stadium. But the re-designed map isnt the only thing that is coming. With the introduction of the NEOTokyo map, 2 new Battle-Cars will make their way into the game:

two Neo Tokyo-inspired premium cars — Esper and Masamune — bring their distinctive anime style to Rocket League®’s ever-growing collection of playable vehicles! – Rocket League Youtube

Those who buy the physical Collectors-Edition will get to play with these new cars before the PS+ gamers ( Steam, One included). And there is a trailer too!


June (4): Trade-in system!


June is looking to become the month where Rocket League changes it all. New features that were requested by the community are being implemented in this June update. And that excites us!

In the update you will be able to trade in your more uncommon  and rare items for a high-quality one. You can trade in 5 more uncommon items at a time to receive one high-quality on.

You can find these items in your Inventory menu. Also Rocket League explained that a player-to-player trading type of thing is in the works!

NOTE: In the interest of full disclosure, we plan to implement Player-to-Player Trading in a later update. Some items, like those with “Painted” or “Certified” attributes, may become much more valuable if you can trade them to other players.  The “Trade-In System” is designed to let you get rid of unwanted or duplicate items, but you should consider carefully what you trade now versus what you might want to keep for future player-trading opportunities.

For the full blogpost about what’s coming in the June update next to the trade-in system we refer you to the RocketLeagueGame website

Coming in June (3): Pillars!


They said be prepared. But OMG this is taking epic proportions. Rocket League is expanding on multiple levels in the game. The new addition to Rocket Labs: Pillars, is yet another feature that is coming in June.

As stated on their website Pillars will be available both on the online and offline exhibition play and will be added to the Rocket Labs playlist. You can be sure that Pillars will be played alot.

More news is coming, so stay tuned!


Coming in June (2): Post Game Spotlights!


Being the MVP in a Rocket League match just became a more serious business with the post game spotlight feature that Rocket League is introducing in their June update.

And thats not the only thing coming in June. With the June update there is more focus on your stats ingame! For instance if you make a hattrick, have the most first touches you will be seeing your stats back in the post match spotlight screen. There are 20+ new titles that will be coming in the June update. So be on the look out!

More June info coming in the coming days!

Also, we have this..

Coming in June: More Quick chat options!


A small step for the devs, but a huge step for the community! Rocket League is expanding the ingame chats. And to accommodate these new ingame chats there is  a whole new chat area in the option menu. What about that!

The new chat option menu  will be filtered in the following options: Information, compliments, reactions and apologies (will be handy)

For a full rundown on the quick chat update that is coming we refer you to the website.

PS: The Quick Chat isn’t the only thing coming in the June update. More is to come. We’ll report back when we have more!