Rocket League’s Autumn update is coming September 28!

Rocket League’s long awaited Autumn update will drop on the 28 September. Be prepared for information overload!

The new update will introduce a new Arena called Farmstead that will be playable in on and offline matches and playlists. And that’s not the only map coming. New variants of excisting maps like Wasteland, DFH Stadium, Mannfield and more will be coming to on- offline matches and playlists (including ranked!)

Specially limited events will also be introduced with this update with the first event coming later this year. With this event you will be able to score decryptors which will help you unlock any crate in your inventory, including limited ones!

Also in this update is a new crate called the ‘Accelerator’. In this crate you will find new items (boosts, exotics, goal explosions and more) for you to unlock. Including a new Battle-Car!

.@RocketLeague’s Anniversary DLC drops July 5!

Season 4 will end on July 5 when the Champions Field DLC will be released. And that’s just the start!

Champions Field will feature a new Arena, new Battle-Cars, Trails, music and more. This is how you celebrate your 2 year anniversary!

Look for more info  about the new DLC in the coming hours. For now, read the discription from the Youtube video and watch the last day of the RLCS!

Celebrate Rocket League’s second birthday in style with our latest update! Overflowing with cool new features like our FREE Arena, ‘Champions Field’ and new customization options for Goal Explosions, Trails, and Engine Sounds, the 2nd Anniversary Update also brings with it the start of Competitive Season 5, new Trophies and Achievements, and the introduction of Rocket League Radio featuring Monstercat and 18 new songs! A brand new Crate, two new Import cars, Season 4 completion awards, and plenty more is also included.

Source: Youtube

.@RocketLeague Patch Notes V1.29


The patch notes for this upcoming update have been revealed. Don’t worry, nothing shocking (so far!)



  • Added “Twin Mill III” DLC Battle-Car, including…
    • (DLC) Six new Decals:
      • Flames
      • Javelin
      • Overline
      • Speedster
      • Pyro
      • Primo
    • (DLC) One new Wheel:
      • OH5
  • Added “Bone Shaker” DLC Battle-Car, including…
    • (DLC) Six new Decals:
      • Bone Jack
      • Diablo
      • Inferno
      • Pro-Street
      • Starstruck
      • Stripes
    • (DLC) One new Wheel:
      • WW5SP


  • Hot Wheels Antenna
  • Treasure Hunt Flag


  • Hot Wheels Topper
  • Shark Bite Topper



  • “Infinite Power!” and “Mad Scientist” Achievements have been fixed
  • “Lightning” Wheel is now properly named “Voltaic”
  • [PS4]: “Insufficient Space” now properly displayed when attempting to save a reply when the console’s hard drive is full
  • [PS4]: Saved replays will work properly when transferred from one PS4 to another
  • Vehicle driver- and passenger-side windows no longer have Blue or Orange tint when Black Market decals are equipped
  • Pressing shoulder buttons simultaneously no longer causes Item overlap on vehicle customization screen
  • Chain link pattern no longer visible when using certain Rocket Trails
  • Fixed performance issues with the Proton, Dark Matter, and Hypernova Rocket Trails.
  • Licensed Car items can no longer be forced onto other Battle-Cars



When does the ‘Hot Wheels’ update drop?


Rocket League just came forward with the launch times for the new Hot Wheels update. And again it’s an EU friendly update!

The update will drop around 4PM GMT. So that’s around diner time in the rest of the EU. Don’t forget that this update also comes with the PS4 Pro patch and the first Players Choice Crate! ( For more info on that, check this blogpost)

Registration for @RLCS is now open! (NA & EU)


Round up your buddy’s and make that dream come true. You have until the 20th of February to register for this year’s RLCS.

Smart thing to be doing right now is to at least have a sub in your team. You never know if problems come up. We still remember how it went with Vogan and his team last year.

Good luck and have fun!


Hot Wheels coming to Rocket League!

Two iconic Hot Wheels vehicles will be purchasable on the 21st of February. As a bonus everyone will receive a free Hot Wheels Antenna and Topper!

Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker will be the new additions to the Battle-Cars fleet in Rocket League. Will these car be another favorite like the Batmobile? Cars can be purchased individually for $1,99 or local equivalent.

Starbase Arc hotfix incoming!


Not everything was running smoothly after patch 1.25. So Rocket League devs have been working hard on doing it right this time.

The following information has been taken from the official patch notes website.


    • We have removed Rocket Lab Arenas from the Casual Arena rotation (for now). Rocket Labs Arenas were appearing too frequently and the current ‘Arena Preferences’ system does not give players who dislike Rocket Labs maps enough sway to avoid them.

    • * NOTE: New Rocket Labs Arena designs may appear next year in Casual playlists in a way that they can be more effectively influenced by Arena Preferences

    • We are also discussing alternative ways to get your feedback on new Arenas in shorter doses.



    • Fixed an issue with the game client picking the wrong local profile from your save data. For some accounts that played splitscreen, this caused a “loss” of recorded stats, in-game settings, and car presets when the patch was released.

    • PC players should see their stats, settings, and presets restored with this hotfix. Unfortunately this was not possible for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

    • We are investigating solutions for next year that would prevent this from happening again by storing more of your information in our database so it cannot be lost due to this kind of bug, save-data corruption, or hardware malfunction of your PC/ Console.


    • Fixed an issue that allowed Wasteland and Neo Tokyo to appear more frequently than they did before the Starbase ARC Patch.


  • MISC

    • [Hotfixed] Fixed collision issue that caused vehicles to sometimes bounce when
      landing / caused the Batmobile to sometimes land “inside” the field.

    • The previous fix for the Batmobile “wobble-on-landing” had to be removed so that we can
      better address it in a future update.

    • [Hotfixed] (PC) Fixed rendering issue that created a flickering problem for some Arenas.

    • Fixed VSync for Mac.

    • Fixed the Vulcan DLC Showroom thumbnail so that it would no longer shows an image of Triton.

    • The “Current Tier” text shown after Competitive matches will no longer be colored Green or Red when changing Divisions if the “Hide Competitive Divisions” option is enabled.

[Developing] Rocket League servers are down!


Seems to be a worldwide issue. Players in Japan, Netherlands, Spain, UK and US are reporting downtime. We’ll stay on the case.

Accounts to follow: RocketLeague, RocketLeagueNL, Psyonix

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