Who is RocketLeagueNL?

You have probably seen me on your Twitter timeline a few times. Tweeting, re-Tweeting or posting blogs about the inner Rocket League scene.

Rocket League Informer began over a year ago (2015) with the release of Rocket League for Playstation 4.  I did not know the players or even the mechanics of the game. But it was fun, laid back and you could easily do this with friends.

So why became active?
The reason why I started the blog was because I saw that the game had potential. I started to follow players like Kronovi (who’s name I had never heard of before) and other players because at that time all the info went via the Playstation Blog.

I thought there was a gap to fill with the blog and in essence it did (for a while). By now you know that Rocket League has their own Social Media and Announcement coverage on their website.

Why not make a actual website instead of this free wordpress blog?
There is no need to for me to do that. In the past year the blog has had over 10.000 visitors and the same for the amount of viewers. It is nowhere near the amount that the RocketLeagueGame website is getting ever since it started. But people still find me when they want the latest info on rlrosters (don’t forget the /r/RocketLeague)

So, got any skills in Rocket League?
One thing is for sure: I’m not your next Kronovi. Have been practicing on my position and my aiming the last few weeks and now I began to master the art of flying in the sky. Give me a year and maybe there is a company willing to hire me as their captain!

So, seems you’re doing well handling the Social Media side of Rocket League. Is this something you want to pursue in a professional manor?
If the price is right! Seeing how well Rocket League is doing in the eSports scene makes me wonder if there is a place for me.  Currently I’m looking into possibilities to make Rocket League grow as an eSport in the Netherlands.


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