Rocket League voted best free PS+ game!


A well deserved win for the people behind one of the most played Playstation Plus game to date. Not only did they won best Free PS+ game. They also won the price for best Digital Game for this year. With over 10 million players Rocket League is by far one of the most cherished games on the Playstation out there.

With the XBOX One release coming up and a whole new base of players to connect to we are hoping on some fresh DLC news. It’s been a while!


KITT coming to Rocket League?!


More media are picking up the story of the big hit named Rocket League that hit PS4 and PC users in 2015. And with the big media articles come to little juicy spoilers that we are hoping for. Although it must be said that this one isn’t that big.

Ever since Universal and Psyonix agreed on teaming up and sharing the revenues with the Back To the Future DLC (and doing reasonably well) more iconic cars from movies and series are likely to eventually end up in Rocket League (that is if both Psyonix and other partner can agree on certain things).

For those of you who didn’t read the article on The Wall Street Journal here is why we think KITT (or Knight Rider Industries 2000) could be the next ‘movie/serie car’ to be added to Rocket League:

They are in talks to bring other famous vehicles to “Rocket League,” possibly including KITT from “Knight Rider,” according to Bill Kispert, an executive vice president at Comcast Corp.CMCSA -1.48%’s Universal.

Talks are still ongoing so we could hear something about the next DLC in a few weeks when the dust has settled on the Winter Games Event that has just gone live.

Photocredit: Jason Johnson

Free Vault-Boy antenna (Fallout) coming to Rocket League!

To celebrate next week’s 4 release, this FREE Vault Boy antenna will be in our update! — Rocket League

The hype train is about to leave the station on it’s way to the next update. After the dev-livestream the Reddit announcement and the #EatBread festive suprise, the next suprise is the Vault-Boyt antenna.

This of course to celebrate the Fallout 4 release set for next week. An antenna we sure gonna use!