Patch 1.05 – How does the new point system work?

Its the day after Patch 1.05 came out. The day after Rocket League had some issues with bringing back the servers online. Now that the storm is over and everyone actually can play the game again in the ranked regions. Some players have their questions about the new ranked system.

Not only on Twitter people ask other on what the new ranked season is about regarding points. You see it also on /r/RocketLeague and the official Psyonix forums, where a lot of key players from the community are gathered.


Let’s hope Rocket League goes into more detail about the points. So everyone knows what to expect when they win or lose.

[UPDATE] Rocket League: EU servers behind schedule!

A busy day for the Rocket League team. Patch 1.05 that rolled out today is downloaded by millions of players and is a huge success. Although the time it takes for the servers to be back at full speed is taking more time than expected.

UPDATE: v1.05 server roll-out continues. NA players have more availability, EU still behind schedule. Apologies for the extended delay. — Rocket League

It seems that the NA servers (America side) are beginning to open up again, and players will be entering the new Ranked Season mode. The EU side however is still taking some time. Its now 12:15AM here and no luck getting into a Ranked server. So it seems the EU players have to wait a little bit more. Come back in the morning!

Patch 1.05 rolling out the next 2 hours. Watch them servers!

Now that Patch 1.05 is rolling out, everyone want’s to download the latest update from Rocket League. And with that comes the horror. Everyone want’s to try the new Ranked Season as advertised by them, wich obviously will not work. So to be clear, once again their statement!

NOTE: As our v1.05 rolls out over the next two hours you MAY run into issues connecting or playing the game. Apologies.  — Rocket League

So anyone who has the illusion of playing Ranked Season before the 2 hours are up. Rocket League will get you out of your dream:

Patch is being downloaded right now. Next two hours, you could run into issues until the update is fully rolled out — Rocket League

Happy downloading!