Kings Of Urban (NA) gets signed by NRG!


Rocket League is growing as an eSport. NRG is stepping into the Rocket League scene by adding Kings Of Urban to their roster.

One of the oldest Rocket League NA Teams has been signed by yet another eSport organisation. Fireburner, Jacob and Sadjunior are the new additions to the NRG roster. After G2 signing Cosmic Aftershock and Reunited signing Supersonic Avengers this is yet another eSport organisation jumping into the scene.

Who’s next?

Don’t want to miss a tournament? Esport Report!

With the uprising Rocket League as an competitive game and E-sport more and more tournaments are set up these days. You have the big ones like the ESL, MLG and Cybergamer of course. But also small like tournaments are worth getting into, even if the price is around $20/€20 but not always get a mention.

In order to keep some kind of overview and order a user on Reddit named ‘/u/onebit‘ came up with a simple website with an overview of all the tournaments that are about to start: Esport Report.


He even put the twitch links of the more famous Rocket League players on his website. So we don’t have to miss any action. And get into a game right away whenever a key player is streaming!

If you miss any tournament on the website, or if you want to send him your Twitch link, you can post it in his topic over at Reddit.