Autumn Update patch notes (v1.37)

We are one hour away from the Autumn update. So that means patch notes! And they are here!


  • ‘Farmstead’ is now available as a Seasonal Arena in all Playlists

  • ‘Wasteland’ and ‘Starbase ARC’ have been redesigned as Standard Arenas

  • More than 90 FREE new items added as drops and Trade-Ins

  • ‘Accelerator Crate’ has been added

  • Player Banners have been added as a new Customization Item

  • The Main Menu has a redesigned blog UI

  • New features include Transparent Goalposts, Director Camera, and Local Matches (Steam Only)

  • Competitive Season 5 ends, and Competitive Season 6 begins

    • Player Banners are being distributed as Season 5 Rewards



  • Players can now change to another Custom Training pack while playing a Custom Training pack

    • While in a Custom Training pack, pause the game, choose ‘Change Training’ from the in-game menu

  • ‘Stick Sensitivity’ has been added to the Controls menu

    • At the default value of 1.0, your controller will behave the same as before

    • Your analog stick input is multiplied by these values. Increasing them makes your controller more sensitive at the cost of some fine-tuned control

    • At the maximum value of 10.0, your controller behaves like Keyboard steering, turning at maximum speed from any stick tilt

  • ‘Camera Transition Speed’ option has been added to the Camera menu

    • Increasing this value makes your camera blend between Ball Cam and Player Cam more quickly

  • ‘Always Show Nameplates’ option has been added to the Gameplay menu

    • When enabled, this option will prevent other players’ nameplates from being hidden even at long distances

  • All cars are now using one of the standardized presets for handling and hitbox introduced in the Anniversary Update

Main Menu

  • The Main Menu has a redesigned blog UI

    • The blog is now collapsable

    • The blog will auto expand if new news has been added since your last play session

    • More information about live esports events is now included

  • The new ‘Play’ submenu consolidates all Offline and Online play modes into one section.

    • Exhibition and Season modes can now be found under ‘Play Local’

  • ‘Stats,’ ‘Leaderboards,’ and ‘League Rankings’ are now found under the ‘Career’ submenu

For a complete overview visit the Rocket League patchnotes page!


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