Rocket League as a physical copy in near future?

So while we are all waiting on the next Rocket League DLC there is some interesting news to share with you all. And that’s about the future of Rocket League. As we all know Rocket League was made available for PS+ users through the PS Store.

It became an hugely success with more than 5 million downloads. A success that maybe even Psyonix wasn’t counting on. But seeing how popular Rocket League was with the PS+ users. The non PS+ users are missing out big time (you can buy the game for €20’s now in the PS Store). People who didn’t download or bought the game from the PS Store are maybe the next target for Psyonix:

Physical retail is something we have considered and we would like to do some day,” he said.

“We’re still trying to figure out the best way to approach it – what would people want in that physical version? People want there to be something cool in order to get them to double dip or feel like they are getting more if they are playing for the first time. — MCVUK

It’s not certain that a physical release is coming, but it’s something they are thinking about. We’ll keep you posted about further developments when Psyonix has more news.

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Ranked Season patch underway!

With Patch 1.05 and the Ranked Season coming out, a lot of players were not satisfied with the gaining/loss ratio in the season. Even Rocket League themselves were aware that things didn’t work out as they wanted too. So, the adjustments are being made as we speak:

ASAP. We’ve already begun testing to make sure the server-side changes work. We’ll update everyone when we have specifics — Rocket League

Officially they wanted to make changes when Season 2 was about to begin, but seeing the problems the community has right now, they are really trying to implement changes to the ranking system right now. Much appreciated!

Stay tuned!