Miztik joins Northern Gaming for RLCS S2!


Northern Gaming and Paschy90 are officially parting ways now that Northern Gaming has added Miztik to the RLCS Season 2 team roster.

Now that Miztik has completed the line-up for Northern Gaming for this season’s RLCS, this leaves Paschy with the task to seek a team and hoping to prevent a Mockit-EU disaster like we had last season.


Good luck to Northern Gaming and of course Paschy, here’s to hoping he will find a team before the registration lock!

RL Roster Mania: What is happening with Northern Gaming?


Remkoe, Maestro and Paschy decided that it’s better trying out with new players before the registration lock for S2. If nothing changes roster will continue with Paschy.

Were the shoes of gReazymeister too big to fill?


Flipside gets new third player, Northern man down


Now with M1k3Rules on personal leave. Flipside was a man down. But not for long because gReazy just announced on his Twitter account that he will be leaving Northern Gaming for Flipside Tactics.

Is he the right man to replace Mike? Some people say he is the only right replacement. While others have said that there are more suitable players out there. But only time will tell.

Meanwhile Northern Gaming will also be hosting tryouts to try their new third player. Do we have ideas on players we see fit to play for Northern?