NeoTokyo update coming June 20!


The last couple of weeks, the account of Rocket League have been teasing all kinds of interesting features that is coming to Rocket League in June. Now we have a date AND more info!

The NEOTokyo map is in essence a re-styled Underpass map (the one in the Rocket Labs playlist) with some new slick touched to the stadium. But the re-designed map isnt the only thing that is coming. With the introduction of the NEOTokyo map, 2 new Battle-Cars will make their way into the game:

two Neo Tokyo-inspired premium cars — Esper and Masamune — bring their distinctive anime style to Rocket League®’s ever-growing collection of playable vehicles! – Rocket League Youtube

Those who buy the physical Collectors-Edition will get to play with these new cars before the PS+ gamers ( Steam, One included). And there is a trailer too!