Rocket Labs coming to Rocket League!



Psyonix just dropped a bombshell on us in collaboration with Gamespot by talking about something totally new coming to Rocket League: Rocket League labs! These are not your normal maps that are coming to the game, no these are the non-traditional maps that Psyonix is talking about. And it’s really, really good!

In the video, one of the creators of Rocket Labs, the developer is talking about 3 new maps that are coming to Rocket League. One map is called the Retro Utopia (Donut like map) and is essentially a throwback to the previous Rocket League like game on the PS3 (SARP)

Again, this is not something only the developers played with. In the video the developer mentioned how professional players in Rocket League submitted their wishlists on future maps. And now you see the result! The video is a must watch to see really!

As mentioned three maps will be coming to Rocket League: Retro Utopia. Underpass (with height differences on the sides of the stadium. Double Goal is the one we look most forward to with the option to drive through the goal and gain the advantage on the other team.

These maps are currently in Unranked but have the potential to be added to the Ranked playlist. We’ll see how that goes!

Source: Gamespot Video (must watch)

Edit: Added Youtube video