Champions Field: Overdrive Items & More!

The Champions Field Info page just received it’s own special page. Time for an indepth look on the items that are coming with the Overdrive crate!

  1. Glossy Blocks (Rare Paint Finish)

2. Friction Trail (Very Rare)

3. Import Trail (Magic Missle)

4. Exotic Wheels! (Turbine)


5. Black Market (Goal Explosions)

Also new Season 4 Rewards!

  1. Brons

2. Silver

3. Gold

4. Platinum

5. Diamond

6. Champion

Fore more indepth look into the new Champions Field DLC that is coming July 5 feel free to visit the official information page!


Season 4, Rewards and new Division Titles

Season 3 was by far the longest season we’ve had in Rocket League. And by the looks of it, it will last a couple months longer. But there is news!

Season 4 will begin early April! Rocket League has just posted a new announcement regarding the upcoming season and what to expect. With the ending of Season 3 there will be new rewards to collect. And this time it will be wheels!

As you can see in the image above, each rank will have their own special wheel. If you are currently in Champion but dig the Challenger wheels, a trade of some sort could help you out! Again, you will get this wheels when Season 3 ends. Don’t expect them anytime soon!

And last but not least: How will Season 4 differ from Season 3? There is not much to go on right now, but Rocket League did gave us this:

Expect more news regarding Season 4 and the new Divisions by mid March!