Rocket League announces first exclusive items for Nintendo Switch!

The moment Nintendo Switch users have been waiting for! Mario and Luigi NSR are coming to Rocket League Switch. But wait, there’s more!

Rocket League Switch users can have the new Luigi and Mario NSR battle-cars based on their team colors. Reminder, you will have to play a few games to unlock them. There is no telling on how many!

Along with the new battle-cars, there will also be new customized items for you to unlock. Certain items only apply to one special Battle-Car. For example boosts, or a topper.

Next to the Mario en Luigi Battle-Car a new special Battle-Car will also be introduced to the game: The Samus Gunship!

A sleek battle-car with a fresh and modern design. This battle-car will also come with an customized item, that can only be applied to this car.  Hyped yet?

Watch the trailer below and indulge yourself with what is about to come to the Nintendo Switch!


Rocket League coming to Switch!

The announcement everybody was waiting for is now finally here. Coming to you in the 2017 Holiday season!

Gather your friends and play with up to eight players in a online environment. Collect exclusive items only available for Rocket League Switch and play cross-network with your friends on XBOX and Steam!

Hyped yet?