Haunted Hallows Event coming to Rocket League!

Our first Rocket League Halloween themed event is about to go down!

For the first time Rocket League will work with limited currency items. These items are called Candy Corn and can be redeemed for decryptors, crates and other items. So there is indeed something to play for this coming weeks! Reminder that items you decryped during this event will remain in your inventory forever!

These decryptors will not cost money and you will not have to buy them! But a reminder that items unlocked with the decryptor are not tradeable!

The Haunted Hallows Event will kick off October 16 5PM EDT and will last to the beginning of November!

The Fast & Furious DLC is getting a sequel!

That’s right! October 11 will be your chance to buy the two most iconic vehicles from the Fast & Furious franchise!

The two cars; 70 Dodge Charger R/T’ and ‘’99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 will have their own set of wheels, decals and more. And all that for $1.99 each (or regional equivalent).

Only a week away!

Autumn Update patch notes (v1.37)

We are one hour away from the Autumn update. So that means patch notes! And they are here!


  • ‘Farmstead’ is now available as a Seasonal Arena in all Playlists

  • ‘Wasteland’ and ‘Starbase ARC’ have been redesigned as Standard Arenas

  • More than 90 FREE new items added as drops and Trade-Ins

  • ‘Accelerator Crate’ has been added

  • Player Banners have been added as a new Customization Item

  • The Main Menu has a redesigned blog UI

  • New features include Transparent Goalposts, Director Camera, and Local Matches (Steam Only)

  • Competitive Season 5 ends, and Competitive Season 6 begins

    • Player Banners are being distributed as Season 5 Rewards



  • Players can now change to another Custom Training pack while playing a Custom Training pack

    • While in a Custom Training pack, pause the game, choose ‘Change Training’ from the in-game menu

  • ‘Stick Sensitivity’ has been added to the Controls menu

    • At the default value of 1.0, your controller will behave the same as before

    • Your analog stick input is multiplied by these values. Increasing them makes your controller more sensitive at the cost of some fine-tuned control

    • At the maximum value of 10.0, your controller behaves like Keyboard steering, turning at maximum speed from any stick tilt

  • ‘Camera Transition Speed’ option has been added to the Camera menu

    • Increasing this value makes your camera blend between Ball Cam and Player Cam more quickly

  • ‘Always Show Nameplates’ option has been added to the Gameplay menu

    • When enabled, this option will prevent other players’ nameplates from being hidden even at long distances

  • All cars are now using one of the standardized presets for handling and hitbox introduced in the Anniversary Update

Main Menu

  • The Main Menu has a redesigned blog UI

    • The blog is now collapsable

    • The blog will auto expand if new news has been added since your last play session

    • More information about live esports events is now included

  • The new ‘Play’ submenu consolidates all Offline and Online play modes into one section.

    • Exhibition and Season modes can now be found under ‘Play Local’

  • ‘Stats,’ ‘Leaderboards,’ and ‘League Rankings’ are now found under the ‘Career’ submenu

For a complete overview visit the Rocket League patchnotes page!


When does the Autumn update drop?

Those who were wondering when the new Autumn update was going live. Wait no more!

Reminder that the competitive season will end one hour prior before the update. Everything has been set in place for the new update. Ready to receive those player banners?

Patchnotes in around 4 hours.

What is coming post Autumn update?


The Rocket League blow out is here. But there is more! Here’s a glimpse shared by Corey Davis on what is to come to Rocket League post Autumn update!

[Reminder Steam Only for now] One of the things that Rocket League is working on, is a new ingame Tournament set up. You can view the image below to see the first glimpse of their work in progress! The aim is to have the beta up and running before the end of 2017. Mind you this is a steam only beta for now. Other platforms will follow!

[Decryptor and more]

Part of the Tournaments page is also the ability to unlock any crate in your inventory with a decryptor. This bypasses the regular key you have to buy to unlock a crate. This will not be in the autumn update right away but is still work in progress. Image detailed below to show how it will work!

What’s in the new Accelerator Crate?

The new Rocket League Autumn update called Farmstead will introduce a new crate with new items and a new Battle-Car. Here’s a closer look! [GIF-Heavy!]

  1. Rare Paint Finish

2. Very Rare Rocket Trail – Hot Rocks

3. Import-Boost

4. Exotic Wheels – Chrono

5. Goal Explosion (Black Market) – Popcorn

6. Battle-Car – Jager 619RS

Rocket League’s Autumn update is coming September 28!

Rocket League’s long awaited Autumn update will drop on the 28 September. Be prepared for information overload!

The new update will introduce a new Arena called Farmstead that will be playable in on and offline matches and playlists. And that’s not the only map coming. New variants of excisting maps like Wasteland, DFH Stadium, Mannfield and more will be coming to on- offline matches and playlists (including ranked!)

Specially limited events will also be introduced with this update with the first event coming later this year. With this event you will be able to score decryptors which will help you unlock any crate in your inventory, including limited ones!

Also in this update is a new crate called the ‘Accelerator’. In this crate you will find new items (boosts, exotics, goal explosions and more) for you to unlock. Including a new Battle-Car!

Incoming: Season 5 Rewards!

Season 5 is about to end. Time for another look on what is about to come to Rocket League. This time it’s the season rewards!

Rocket League has announced it will perform a soft reset on the competitve account for the upcoming new season. This will mean everyone will have to play a certain placement matches per playlist to be recalibrated for the new season. This new season will end somewhere around early 2018.

And now the info everyone has been waiting on! The rewards for this season. The new banners will be on full display on your Rocket League menu, and in goal replays as well. What a nice way to let someone know he’s been owned by a Grand Champ!

The Reward Banners, seen above, will be handed out as follows:

  • Bronze I or higher – Season 5 Bronze Player Banner

  • Silver I or higher – Season 5 Silver Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Gold I or higher – Season 5 Gold Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Platinum I or higher – Season 5 Platinum Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Diamond I or higher – Season 5 Diamond Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Champion – Season 5 Champion Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Grand Champion – ‘Season 5 Grand Champion’ in-game Title + Grand Champion Player Banner + lower Banners

Remember, in order to be eligible for these banners you must have completed 12 wins for each season award level! For those who did know this before. Here’s your chance to make right!


Starbase Arc and Wasteland will be standard maps in next update!

The announcement we have been waiting for since the introduction of non standard maps. Starbase Arc and Wasteland will be standard maps in the next Autumn update!

The non standard versions of these maps will still be available in private and offline matches. So for you non standard lovers, the devs did nog forget you! So why the change of heart for Rocket League?

Why are we changing our stance? Because in the time since Wasteland Arena first launched in late 2015, non-standard map layouts have been a hot topic of debate within the Rocket League community. We have carefully listened to your feedback over that extended period of time, and though we didn’t arrive to this decision lightly, we believe it’s the right one to make. Here’s a quick rundown of several important factors that moved us in this direction:

  • We see Rocket League as a digital sport. As such, we think standardization is important and necessary to provide a level playing field and foster consistent competition across all skill levels and events.

  • We introduced non-standard arenas partly to provide variety for pro play, but they have not been embraced. Given the success of RLCS and Rocket League Esports in general, we no longer feel that map variety is needed or appropriate for the competitive scene.

  • Rocket Labs showed us that only a narrow set of arena designs would be well-received by the Rocket Leaguecommunity. Even the designs that more closely resembled conventional Arenas (like Octagon and Starbase) have been extremely divisive. Ultimately, the alternate layouts we devised simply didn’t add enough strategically to offset the corresponding loss in predictability and muscle memory. — Rocket League 

Rocket League have thought about this for several months. And felt that supporting the competitive scene, and the way they want the game to go. This was the best way. Sorry for the non standard map lovers. But the competitive scene is taking over!

Rocket League announces first exclusive items for Nintendo Switch!

The moment Nintendo Switch users have been waiting for! Mario and Luigi NSR are coming to Rocket League Switch. But wait, there’s more!

Rocket League Switch users can have the new Luigi and Mario NSR battle-cars based on their team colors. Reminder, you will have to play a few games to unlock them. There is no telling on how many!

Along with the new battle-cars, there will also be new customized items for you to unlock. Certain items only apply to one special Battle-Car. For example boosts, or a topper.

Next to the Mario en Luigi Battle-Car a new special Battle-Car will also be introduced to the game: The Samus Gunship!

A sleek battle-car with a fresh and modern design. This battle-car will also come with an customized item, that can only be applied to this car.  Hyped yet?

Watch the trailer below and indulge yourself with what is about to come to the Nintendo Switch!