Haunted Hallows Event coming to Rocket League!

Our first Rocket League Halloween themed event is about to go down!

For the first time Rocket League will work with limited currency items. These items are called Candy Corn and can be redeemed for decryptors, crates and other items. So there is indeed something to play for this coming weeks! Reminder that items you decryped during this event will remain in your inventory forever!

These decryptors will not cost money and you will not have to buy them! But a reminder that items unlocked with the decryptor are not tradeable!

The Haunted Hallows Event will kick off October 16 5PM EDT and will last to the beginning of November!


What is coming post Autumn update?


The Rocket League blow out is here. But there is more! Here’s a glimpse shared by Corey Davis on what is to come to Rocket League post Autumn update!

[Reminder Steam Only for now] One of the things that Rocket League is working on, is a new ingame Tournament set up. You can view the image below to see the first glimpse of their work in progress! The aim is to have the beta up and running before the end of 2017. Mind you this is a steam only beta for now. Other platforms will follow!

[Decryptor and more]

Part of the Tournaments page is also the ability to unlock any crate in your inventory with a decryptor. This bypasses the regular key you have to buy to unlock a crate. This will not be in the autumn update right away but is still work in progress. Image detailed below to show how it will work!

Rocket League’s Autumn update is coming September 28!

Rocket League’s long awaited Autumn update will drop on the 28 September. Be prepared for information overload!

The new update will introduce a new Arena called Farmstead that will be playable in on and offline matches and playlists. And that’s not the only map coming. New variants of excisting maps like Wasteland, DFH Stadium, Mannfield and more will be coming to on- offline matches and playlists (including ranked!)

Specially limited events will also be introduced with this update with the first event coming later this year. With this event you will be able to score decryptors which will help you unlock any crate in your inventory, including limited ones!

Also in this update is a new crate called the ‘Accelerator’. In this crate you will find new items (boosts, exotics, goal explosions and more) for you to unlock. Including a new Battle-Car!

Registration for RLCS S4 is now open!

Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines and gather your friends for another round of the RLCS! Registration for Season 4 is now open!

Follow this link directly to be taken to the details page for the RLCS and sign your team for the Open Qualifiers! It’s important to remember the following dates when the Open Qualifiers take place:

North America – 8/12, 19, 22 & 26 –   Europe – 8/13, 20, 23 & 27

Note:  Registration will close on August 8th at 11:59:59 pm PT!  So if you’re not in a team today, you still have some time to gather friends, or make new ones before the RLCS begins. Let the Roster Mania begin!



Rocket League Double Drop Rate weekend!

Start your engines and rejoice for an awesome weekend of Rocket League!

Starting July 6 until Monday 10 July you will have the chance to pick up more items/crates post match! All this to celebrate 2 years of Rocket League. But that’s not all!

But that’s not all we wanted to do for our second anniversary, which is why we’re happy to announce our first-ever Rocket League Double Drop-Rate Weekend! Starting right now (July 6) through Monday, July 10 at 5pm GMT, all uncommon (or greater) free customization items and active Crates will drop more frequently post-match. What’s more, your chances of earning a Painted version of an item (in or out of a Crate) are doubled during the promotional period. — Rocket League

You will also have the chance to get a painted item from a crate (possibly Overdrive) which will increase your value and trade it on the Rocket League Exchange! More reason to play these couple of days, don’t you think?

@RLCS Drama: ZentoX disqualified


Zentox made it into League Play with a non-EU player in it’s team. That’s not how it works. @RLCS disqualified the team for this reason.

Red Eye, Leaf eSports, Copenhagen Flames and Penta now have a change to make League Play. To get there they will have to play a Tiebreaker Playoff.


Registration for @RLCS is now open! (NA & EU)


Round up your buddy’s and make that dream come true. You have until the 20th of February to register for this year’s RLCS.

Smart thing to be doing right now is to at least have a sub in your team. You never know if problems come up. We still remember how it went with Vogan and his team last year.

Good luck and have fun!