What is coming post Autumn update?


The Rocket League blow out is here. But there is more! Here’s a glimpse shared by Corey Davis on what is to come to Rocket League post Autumn update!

[Reminder Steam Only for now] One of the things that Rocket League is working on, is a new ingame Tournament set up. You can view the image below to see the first glimpse of their work in progress! The aim is to have the beta up and running before the end of 2017. Mind you this is a steam only beta for now. Other platforms will follow!

[Decryptor and more]

Part of the Tournaments page is also the ability to unlock any crate in your inventory with a decryptor. This bypasses the regular key you have to buy to unlock a crate. This will not be in the autumn update right away but is still work in progress. Image detailed below to show how it will work!


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