The return of the ‘new’ NEO Tokyo map update!


Neo Tokyo is back as a standard map in Rocket League. But wait there is more in this update. A lot more!

Not only are they bringing the ‘new’ Neo Tokyo map,  they are adding the old one aswell! Neo Tokyo Underpass will be the name of the old map and will be for you to enjoy in private matches and Rocket Labs. Fun fact: the old Underpass map will be taken out the Rocket Lab rotation playlist and will be replaced by the Neo Tokyo Underpass.

But there is more!


Mantis will be the new limited Battle-Car for you to pick up on in the new Nitro Crate that is coming with this update. Almost as slick as the Batmobile. And this time this Mantis can be custimized too!

And here it is, our new Nitro Crate! As you can see there will be new trails, wheels and a new battle-car for you to unlock!

Here are the releasedates: Wednesday, May 10 at 3pm PDT to be exact! (That’s 6pm EDT for our East Coast players, 12am CEDT on May 11 if you’re in Europe, and 9am AEST if you’re in Oceania.) via


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