RIP Xedec Nation, hello Cownose!


Not kept promises and lack of communication between the org and the players led to the comeback of Cow Nose. What a time to be alive!

Niels Koek, the captain of Cownose (former Xedec), responded on Twitter on the matter. So did the org. Statements can be read down below:


We as a team have decided to part ways with Xedec Nation. This is because of a couple reasons. There are two main reasons behind this decision. One is the lack of communications between the owner of the organization and us the players. And second is the lack of agreement about our contracts on both sides.
I myself was confident that the problem would be resolved within reasonable time, but unfortunately it did not come to that. Therefore we decided to end our contracts completely and go on without Xedec Nation.

Organization Xedec:

As many of you know, Xedec Nation (XN) rocket league parted ways from the actual @XedecNation organisation and this comes down to essentially two core reasons, which Nielkskoek already highlighted however not thoroughly, which is what I will do now because I think the rocket league community and XN fans deserve to know what is happening and I don’t want to deprive you of that right.

On February 21st, I announced the Rocket League line-up for Xedec Nation, which received massive support and I think restored a bit of faith in the organisation from their previous decision on a roster, and all was well and dandy. The boys had full faith in me that this would come through, and honestly, I had full faith that it would as well – however this is where it gets rather annoying.

Damian, or the CEO of Xedec Nation LLC, gave the green light – along with his business partner, to acquire a top tier Rocket League team and he would give them salaries as well as implement a bonus reward system for their placements and achievements within the professional scene. It was my job to manage this team, promote them on twitter and essentially ensure that everything was running smoothly and we were getting their name out there. There were times where I would message Damian at the start and get a response perhaps a day or two later, however as time moved on and as we got into March, myself along with his business partner Will and essentially the entire organisation was being left in the dark by Damian.

Unresponsive, non-verbal and essentially little to know management or leadership from the own CEO caused myself as well as the Rocket League team to feel rather uncomfortable about the signing of this team. The players had signed their end of the contracts and it was just resting on Damian to complete the forms and send them back, not so hard right? Well essentially he delayed and delayed and delayed and even now, after the due date for the first payment of the player salaries, he is unresponsive to me and probably has no idea that this rocket league line up has even parted ways with his organisation.

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