Changes coming with Season 4


A shorter Season 4 is one of the things Rocket League is focusing on. But there is more!

Season 3 will end when the new ‘Dropshot‘ update that is coming on March 22. But there are more changes coming. To spare you the story. In short here’s what changing:

  • New Skill Tiers (image can be seen here)
  • No more Division V’s (IV will be the highest rank before you move on)
  • Soft Skill reset incoming (so you might start on a division lower/higher in S4 in opposite to you latest highest achieved rank in S4)
  • Shorter S4 (that’s what they are aiming for)
  • Adjustments to matchmaking (making it more fair)
  • RIP Neo Tokyo from competitive and casual play
  • Tweaks to the like/dislike system for Arena’s in Rocket League.

Full rundown can be found here:


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