All former Supah Hot Fiyah players make it into RLCS!


All former players made it into a new team to go into Open Qualifiers. No talented was wasted here!

Danzhizzle, Gerry ‘Face’ Goorlap and Reepex all joined teams that are trying to make into LAN.  And the teams they have joined/formed are not just your average teams. Oh no.

Danzhizzle will play with fellow Dutchies Niels Koek, Rix Ronday. Zenzus will be the non-Dutch player in XedecNation.

Then we have Face a.k.a Gerry Goorlap who almost not made into RLCS. But with a lot of talking and perseverance he got the ‘OK’ and will play along side Spoonie, KarottenPower and ItsPureLogic.

Finally Reepex got himself a nice gig as a sub for most likely the most awesome team name that has entered the RLCS S3: Table Cloth.  Alongside iconic Rocket League players like Doomsee, Bluey and Sebadam they will most likely aim to make it far into the tournament. SHF may be dead. But the dream these guys had is very much alive.

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