.@uhFreakii back at Penta

Penta is back at full force with Freakii returning to his old team. Aces will be looking for a new third (or already has one).

Freakii replied on the situation with this Twitter post.

Various reasons led me to not go with Paschy and ViolentPanda for RLCS S3. It just didn’t work out on a more off-game based relationship. I wish them the best luck to find a new third for their team.

Somehow Pwndx and killerno7 are giving me a second chance to gain their trust back and take me as the third for PENTA. I can’t believe they are actually doing it after I betrayed them. Huge Thanks to them.

In the end I just want to apologize for doing what I did and hope to be able to reach the level I had with PENTA before.

Thank you all.