Rocket League community crowdfunds $3539 for #GetShalthisHome

The Winter Classic has always been something special. The first one was a legendary one. Commentated by Shalthis and with help with other beginning casters. The Winter Classic was a stepping stone. This Winterclassic however was something different. It was the Classic for Shalthis. For the man who saw potential for himself and other as a caster. For a man that wanted us to know about Rocket League. That Shalthis needed our help to get home. And boy, we made it rain!

Known Rocket League players both from NA and EU competed in special regional competitions, casted by casters who owe a lot to Shalthis. And not to mention a great halftime show! It made this evening memorable. And showed that for a good cause this community can come together. But we aren’t there yet! Sure, the amount of yesterday’s event helped Shalthis and his family a lot. But there is still money to be needed!

So if you can spare a dime? Help Shalthis get home by going to this GoFundMe and make his dream come true. To get home. To be closer to his family and friends. For Shalthis! If you want to know more about Shalthis and what he has done for the Rocket League community so far, visit his own webpage!

Huge thanks to RocketLeagueXL/Staff, Psyonix, NZXT, SnKeSports, designers, casters, players and people in the Twitch chat for making this a night to remember!


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