Starbase Arc coming December 7!


Rocket League’s new update will drop this coming Wednesday. Expect a new Battle-Car, a new Import car and Arena preferences. And that’s not all!

There will also be  color blind support in the upcoming update. To make it extra clear what team you are on, and give the player names some extra contrast.


By giving it a like or a dislike you can increase or decrease the chances of that arena to appear on your list. A neat feature that was requested a lot!

Some old Battle-Cars will receive a fresh paint and redesign (Gizmo and X-Devil), so try these out on Wednesday! Also, the Vulcan Battle Car will be coming in this update. Expect it to be somewhere around 1,99 USD or local equivalent!


And, to end on a high note, of course there is a new crate coming in this update. Crate IV will come with the highly requested Octane ZSR bodykit. A must have for pro players. Or players who really care about their looks ingame!

As mentioned in previous articles. Custom Playlist and Workshop Support will also be in this update. For more detailed info visit the Starbase page on Rocket League!