Rocket League will implement Steam Workshop Support!



The upcoming update is not only a console fest. Rocket League acknowledges the presents of the modding community and supports Level Support on Steam Workshop!

Users will be giving a handy tool which makes it easy to upload and share your creation with other users. Here’s what they had to say:

Once our next update is live, we’ll provide a Steam Workshop Uploader Tool which will allow content creators to upload their levels The Uploader Tool will ask for a few details, including a creation name, a brief description of it, the level file itself, and a preview image before you’re good to go. Once complete, the Uploader Tool auto-detects all the assets and once you hit ‘Submit,’ your level is off to the races! Just make sure that your preview image is a sharp, accurate representation of what you’ve made. Fore more info: Rocket League Game

Rocket League will have more news about the upcoming update in the coming weeks. This is beginning to look like a Christmas gift for the whole Rocket League community!