Custom Training coming to Rocket League!


We have waited for a long time, but our prayers are answered in the upcoming update. Soon you will be able to make your own custom training and share it with the community!

Rocket League has seen how well the PC community was doing with the training mods, and what responses it got. Not long now before the console players can share their own training with the rest of the community. It (should) go like this:

When you create your own custom training sequence, you’ll be asked to specify a few things up front:

  1. A name for your creation.

  2. Which map you want to train in.

  3. What type of training sequence it is (Striker or Goalie).

  4. How difficult it’s going to be (Rookie, Pro, All-Star).

  5. Which “tags” best describe your training sequence (Dribbling, Wall Shots, etc.)

And that’s not even half of the fun part. You can actually share your training with your friends and the rest of the community by doing the following:

When you’re ready to share your creation with the world, you can ‘Upload’ it from your list of Created modes in the ‘Custom Training’ menu.  This will publish your sequence to our database and generate a unique, alphanumeric code you can share online.  Players can “search” by code on the ‘Browse’ tab to find your sequence and play it for themselves!

You can continue to edit your creations and upload new versions to the database.  Players who have marked your sequence as a ‘Favorite’ will see that there’s a new version available and can choose to update to your new and improved version whenever they want.
For a full rundown, head over to the website and read on all the other exiting stuff to come. They are not done yet!

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