Rocket League deployed another hotfix!


Rocket League deployed yet another hotfix. So don’t be surprised if you just went two division up in rank!

New adjustments have been made to the Skill Distribution and Skill Tier. This to make the divisions more even flow. This will have effect on the competitive ranking.

We just deployed two changes to address this and better distribute the active competitive player-base across the Skill Tiers:

  1. Skill Tier thresholds have been lowered to include more players in the Star and Champion tiers.
  2. Skill Tier Thresholds are now configured differently based on which mode you’re playing. The skill curve for 1v1 looks a little different than 3v3, for instance. This means Doubles now has different criteria for reaching Grand Champion than Solo Standard does. Each playlist should see similar percentages of players reach Champion tier and above. Because there are more total players playing Doubles, you’ll see more Doubles Grand Champions overall.

You might ask yourself what you will notice from this change. And there is a simple answer to that:

In terms of how this will affect your personal rankings: most players at Challenger and above will see themselves gain anywhere from ½ to 2 skill tiers. For instance, a Rising Star in Doubles might now be considered a Shooting Star or a low-division All-Star. Prospect-ranked players will move less so — from no change to roughly half a rank.

For more info about the hotfix, visit the website.