Rocket League (Rumble) hotfix deployed!


Rocket League is deploying new hotfix that community members had with the game after the new Rumble update was deployed. FYI: Not everything has been fixed.

The new hotfix that is slowly being rolled out addresses several issues within the game. It’s also noted that Octagon and Pillars will now be playable with playing the Rumble mode.



  • Xbox One framerate / performance issue has been resolved.
  • Certified and Painted item drops will no longer appear as Common items until the game has been restarted.
  • Rocket Trail audio issues have been resolved.
    • “Doppler Effect” for local players has been removed.
    • Audio pitch for non-local players has been reduced.
  • Rumble Mode: Using the Grappling Hook or Plunger on the ball as it enters the goal and explodes will no longer cause the game to lag and/or crash to the main menu.



  • Rumble servers now include the “Octagon” and “Pillars” Rocket Labs maps in the random map selection.


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