G2 aquires Cosmic Aftershock


IBP Cosmic has set the bar when it comes to teamplay, commitment and willingness to play Rocket League on a high level. Now with G2 acquiring the team all money problems are over for them..wait what?

You heard it right. OverZero, Kronovi, Lachinio are being paid to play Rocket League full time. They are the pioneers for future pro teams and organizations. In other eSports related games it’s common for players to be paid for playing the game full time. In Rocket League not so much.


Of course we are happy for the team. But what will this mean for other teams like Northern Gaming, Penta Sports and Mockit Aces?  Can they see a paycheck from the organization in the near future for playing as they do?

Now, being paid for playing Rocket League, will this mean that Overzero, Kronovi and Lachinio are harder to beat than ever? There is one way to find out, and that’s in the upcoming RLCS season!