Pre-RLCS drama. Paschy with the dickmove


Drama isn’t new in the Rocket League community. We have seen some pretty bald moves when it comes to forming new teams and getting players to leave their teams. But things just got a little balder. A day before the RLCS registration lock.

Paschy is a well known figure within the Rocket League community. Someone who strives for the best. And only willing to team up and playing with the best. Pure on skill he’s on the best EU players within the community. But when it comes down to forming a team, he’s not so lucky.

After his Mockit-EU disappointment on the RLCS he tried out for several teams. But whenever the team was in a kind of losing streak the German decided it was best to leave. Not analyzing where he could do better with his teammates or sit down with a coach and do some feedback. Paschy wants more. He want’s that constant winning streak.

Let’s forward to his last team (No, not Northern Gaming) Pocket Aces. After doing reasonably well in the tournaments they competed in, Paschy came up with the idea to enlist several players from WillyWonkaPoodles (Deevo and Violentpanda). And by doing so he sacked Kaydop and Skyline, along with Sikii. A day before the registration lock. Talking about a dick move?

On the /r/RocketLeague subreddit this is a hot discussion right now. And almost everyone agrees that these kinds of moves don’t belong in the community. 2 quotes from the thread are posted here to give you an impression where the community stands when it comes to Paschy. And yes, it’s not good.