Rumble Update: In Depth – Import Battle Cars


The Rumble update brings 4 variants of existing Battle Cars to Rocket League. A closer look at the new Import Battle Cars.

FYI: Once obtained via crates you can trade these cars for special toppers, antenna’s and wheels with other people. So only obtainable via crates AND trading!

Dominus GT

The Dominus, a favorite among casual and pro players (that was before the Batmobile), now with a bug-catcher and extra rear wing. It’s also noticeable that the headlights have a new modern look to them. Or it could just be the way the picture was taken.

As explained in the official blog post, these cars have no advantage. The only difference they have is that they look beefed up with new modifications like the Dominus GT has. And it looks really cool!

Takumi RX-T


The Supersonic Fury DLC was the first DLC to drop after Rocket League came available on PS4 through Playstation Plus, and till this date is one of the best ones yet.

The quick Japanese car one of the better looking cars, but with a smaller hitbox than the other ones a real treat to master. Where the Dominus has a longer hood and can go that extra lenght for a double tap. But maybe things will change with the RX-T. With a new front end and huge spoiler this could very well be a new hit in the making.

X-Devil MK2 


The X-Devil is no used by many in the Rocket League scene. Mainly to do with his hitbox. Can a updated version of the Devil help bring the love for it back? It could if they would wider it’s hitbox to the level of the Dominus.

But since we all know that that’s not going to happen you may ask yourself why bring a Devil to the crate system. Can it be THAT good?

Road Hog XL


Can the Road Hog be the Marauder killer the community desperately needs? It sure has the looks of it. With a beefed up engine, a new frond and 4 exhaust pipes it sure can give you that bump in the air.

We will have to wait and see what it can do when it comed to aerials. But if you need a good goalie and you want to make sure nothing passed. Try to collect this one. We’re sure it will be all you need.