The Flying Dutch disbands!?


We are honest if we said that this was something that we did not see coming. One of the surprises of the RLCS is no more.

In Vogan his own words:

When the pressure and our playstyle was just right, we could compete with the best, with us peaking in the RLCS group stage 2 with that very close match against Supersonic Avengers.

At the LAN however, we were swept aside by both IBP and F3. The top 4 finish was satisfying, especially with how much everyone talked us down before the event, but the event showed to us we were not particularly close to the actual top tier.

With that in mind, we tried changing some things up after the LAN, but we all came to the realization that it was no longer going to work as well as before.

We can only say thanks to Vogan, Jessie and Dogu for showing what it means to be a Flying Dutch. It certainly gave the Dutch Rocket League scene a little boost so who knows. Maybe there will be another squad of Flying Dutchmen eager to bring it to the top teams.

Thanks, and goodnight!


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