iBPCosmic wins the first RLCS!


iBPCosmic did what few people expected at the beginning of the RLCS this weekend by winning the Season 1 RLCS in a impressive manor.

The absence of Gambit and his replacement OverZero got people worried if Cosmic was up to the task of beating their rivals in the Championship. And boy, did those people got proven wrong. Not only did Overzero show how much of a complete player he was. He was the key player on deceive moments throughout the championship.

But not only that. He made the team play more aggressive and without giving in on the defensive part. Still, Lachinio and Kronovi got to excel in what they are good at: putting pressure at the opposite side and by placing to the ball in front of their teammates for the perfect pass. You may ask yourself, could Cosmic have gotten this far with Gambit in their team?

Maybe that’s the wrong question to ask right now. But one thing is for sure. We saw a complete, professional and fun loving team today. A household name in the Rocket League community. With players like Lachinio and Overzero and Kronovi you can be certain that the NA Rocket League teams still need to improve themselves solo and as a team to be at the level of IBPCosmic.

You don’t have to play 11 months together to be good as a team. OverZero joined last minute. But his skills alone gave Cosmic wings like they had never known before. And that is a compliment to the MVP of this tournament: Overzero.

A new Jesus has arrived in Rocket League. Hats of!


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