Get your dunk face on! Hoops mode released!


The long awaited Dunk mode has finally come to Rocket League. A new dimension to the game in a totally new arena for us to play in. What more do we want?

Of course new Toppers and Antenna’s have been added to the game. But did you know that the Rocket Labs playlist has a new map added? Cosmic will be joining the ranks and sure looks like fun! The update is available as of now. So if you are reading this, download it!

Here’s a quick round up on things that have been added. For a full summary check

  • The “Hoops” 2v2 mode has been added as an unranked playlist, and is also available in Private Matches and Exhibition mode at any team size.
  • Exhibition and Private Match now have a “Game Mode” selector.  The mode you select determines which maps you can choose – for instance, “Hoops” can only be played on the “Dunk House” map.
  • During Overtime, the in-game UI clock now counts upwards to indicate how long the overtime has lasted
  • New “Cosmic” Arena has been added to the “Rocket Labs” playlist
  • After scoring in Free Play, there will no longer be a 3/2/1 countdown.

Keep in mind that the NBA flags pack will be available later today. So if you’re missing the NBA flags. Don’t worry. That’s coming!