Rocket League Season 2 (upcoming) changes!


Season 2 is well underway. And from the beginning there were some questions and doubts on the new angle this season has taken. For instance, the points/loss bar that showed how much we gained/lost went out of the window.

Instead Rocket League introduced new Tiers and Divisions. And with this Season 2 update,  Rocket League is giving the competitive players what they want. The new hierarchy will look like this:


Competitive/High Ranking players. Please take in account:

For players in the highest skill tier, instead of seeing a division number, you will see your actual Skill Rating regardless of if you are in the Top 100.  Your skill rating will also appear on the League Rankings screen so you can easily gauge how far you have to go to reach the Top 100.

And that’s not the only thing worth mentioning from the post they made:

We want to fix two specific problems for players at the highest level of skill, currently in “Champion” tier:

  1. The Champion Tier includes too wide of a range of player skills, and lacks the aspirational goal of reaching “Platinum” in Season 1.

  2. Players in the Champion tier, but outside of the Top 100, have no way to gauge how far they have to go to reach the leaderboards.